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The year is 2147, the place is England. The last decree the Government made before its strange silence in 2092 was simple: Leave the Country, and for your own protection we will be forced to kill you. Still, who'd want to leave the Country when the crops need harvesting, the slavers are coming from the Northlands with a fresh batch, and the Revel is only two months away.

Life is hard, but the reward is staying alive and even occasionally enjoying yourself. With so few people left after the purges and riots of the last Century, there's plenty of land for everybody. All you have to do is be fast enough to avoid the slavers, kill anybody on your land without good reason and trade in the township for what you don't have and can't make. But recently, things are changing. Last Harvest, strange things started to happen. Strange lights in the sky, talk of war to the North, strangers being seen in the hills. Still, when the Police came round on patrol, they told you that everything was fine, and it isn't healthy to argue with them.

Time passes and strange events are forgotten as the Revel draws closer, skins must be cured, crops must be checked, best clothes must be pulled out of storage and aired.

For the young people, the Revel is a chance to find a Spouse, and win fine weapons in contests of arms. For the farmers, trappers, bakers, brewers, hunters and every other type of person within two hundred miles, it is a chance to trade, swap news and get drunk without having to worry over much that you'll wake up in the slavers cart.

Still, no matter how enthusiastic you try to get this year, you just can't shake that funny feeling.

Tek-4 was set in a post-apocalyptic world along the lines of 'The Postman'. It started in April 1999 and ran for three events. It is currently on hiatus.

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