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Legion of Dreams Fantasy LRP Club

Legion of Dreams is a long-standing LRP club that runs various high-fantasy weekends and an annual mini-fest called Siren's Call. Legion of Dreams events use the 'Realms of the Eldritch' system. The latest incarnation of this system can be found on the Legion of Dreams website by clicking the LoD banner above. LoD, above all, are about having a good time, and this is definately the case. I have played and monstered on many of their events and have enjoyed every single one, even those where it has rained all weekend. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone to attend Siren's Call, or any of the spin-offs. Click one of the buttons below to check out some of the event photo's.


Click for pictures of the 'Dream of Green' event.

Click for pictures of Siren's Call 2004.

While the rest of the known world’s eyes were focused on the struggle between Drune and Quartak, one man made a discovery that may quite literally change the world, or at the very least the maps of it. Through a combination of gross navigational incompetence, a blinkered refusal to admit he was wrong and pure blind luck, Christopher Blunderbus, captain of HMS Weevil, managed to do what no one else in recorded history has done, cross the Great Western Ocean. Although rumour has it Captain Blunderbus only meant to go on a three-day cruise when he set off, when he returned a month later, his ship was heavily laden with gold and strange artefacts. Blunderbus has reported that he had found a new continent where the ground is rich with gold deposits and whose only inhabitants are primitive-seeming natives who worship animals. Blunderbus claimed the continent in the name of King Felipe, ruler of his home country of Hispanica, but this has been largely ignored as people from many disparate countries, religions, races and guilds rush to charter ships to take them to the new world.

Click for pictures from Red Bear Rising

Click for pictures from the High Level 2003

Click for pictures of The Plantman Menace

Click for pictures of Siren's Call 2001

Click for pictures of the High Level event 2002

Click for pictures from Natural Selection

Click for pictures of Siren's Call 2003

Click for pictures of the TTSNB/LoD May Bank Holiday event 2002

Click for pictures of Siren's Call 2002

Click for pictures of Ken's 'Treasure's of his Kingdom' event

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