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SINergy Cyberpunk 2038

The SINergy Cyberpunk LRP Site

The SINergy cyberpunk campaign continues to run on the first Sunday of every month at The Leicester Square nightclub, Leicester, LE1 3XL. Photo's of past sessions can be found on this page or at www.sinergylarp.com.

Pictures will be added periodically, and can be viewed by clicking the images at the top of the page. As of today (6th September 2004) I'm going to be publishing them by session date (for each session that I personally attend).

I will be playing the nightclub owner, Jonah Gray, co-owner, and Promotions and Public Relation Director of the Nightmare Asylum club. SINergy is a suitably dark and vicious cyberpunk campaign with the emphasis very much on role-playing your character. SINergy has been running now for about four and a half years and there are both very established characters, as well as new characters every session.

Information and details, as well as pictures from past events can be found on the SINergy website. Further information can be obtained by contacting the refs, whose contact details can be found here. There is also a game forum, with both in-, and out-of-character sections. The SINergy forum can be found here.

Here are some pictures from the November 2003 session taken by Matt Sofar.

Jonah Gray - In-Character Website

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