Centrepoint Live Role-Playing Site: Exploring all aspects of the hobbies of Live Roleplaying and Airsoft: modern day, fantasy, science fiction, horror; Costume, Kit, Props, Equipment, Rules Systems and Airsoft: Guns, kit, accessories. Also includes photographs from each live roleplaying system that I am involved in as well as links to other relevent sites: guns, armour, costume and kit, LRP clubs and forums.

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This site is very much an archive these days. All of the pictures above are from a few years ago, but I am reluctant to delete them because people still use the site and it costs next to nothing to maintain. I am very rarely involved in LRP these days, but still look back fondly on the time where it took up all of my free time.

I will endeavout to keep this site as up to date as possible. If you find any of the links to be broken, please let me know using the contact button above.

Please enjoy the site.