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A modern day horror event based around the movie 'Dog Soldiers'. Part 3 is due to run early 2005. For more details, contact Heather, here.

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Download 'Bleeding Edge' here. The slasher horror LRP system written by Alex Hill. Just click the banner below for Bleeding Edge in MS Word format. Permission is granted to freely distribute this document, provided that it is distributed intact, with no modifications. Where these rules are used as the basis of any other rules system, do credit us with anything you've used from here.

Bleeding Edge - the Howl Slasher Horror LRP System by Alex Hill

Behind the Game...

All Howl players and crew should make a point of seeing 'Dog Soldiers', the film that inspired the game. One of the best films of 2002 and the inspiration behind the Howl LRP event. Visit the Dog Soldiers website by clicking the banner below.

You should also keep an eye out for Dog Soldiers 2: New Meat and also, Neil Marshall's other project, Outpost.

The Dog Soldiers Site - Compulsory viewing

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