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Deus-X was a game set in the 33rd Century, on, and in the space around, Earth. It was run by Ben Bridger, Teece Fleming and Roo Craig.

During the course of this campaign, we (the players) have been subjected to faulty hypersleep chambers; insane androids; corporate assassination attempts; evil religious cults; underwater zombies; escaped convicts and giant squid.

I played the character of Dr Henry Dante - genius geneticist and victim.

The campaign finished on December 1st 2002. My in-character journal for the entire campaign (should you be so inclined or curious as to want to read it) can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Caduceus Green - Event Intro

The shape of the Asclepius Green medical facility could be easily made out through the darkness. The dulling neon of the Hermetek Medical faclility's caduceus could be seen from the woodland where we lay in wait for an opportunity to cross the open ground. The sound of ballistic weapons and PPG guns fresh in our minds as our wounded were carried, in need of urgent medical care and some, close to death. Taking our chances, the more martial of our group leading the way, ensuring that our path was safe. The internal lights of the facility were off, instilling further caution and fear. Moving slowly and cautiously, we approached the entrance....

Percentage Human - Event Intro

The sound of your breathing is loud in your ears, the pounding of your heart in your chest... somewhere at the back of the shuttle, someone is dying.. their breathing shallow and laboured, gurgling inside a ruined chest... someone murmurs softly to the dying man...The firefight, the sound of guns and screams...the look of the dead... all images without sound as the only sound is rasping breath and the sound of the screaming engines loud in the cabin area...memories and pictures flicker through your minds eye...

Pressure building, resting on chest and shoulder, pressing down into the covered acceleration couches... pressing, holding... easing.....


Out of the gravity well.... out of Terra’s atmosphere.... free of the constraints of gravity....Free.

Free to do what?

Read my entire campaign journal (in MSWord format) Read my entire campaign journal (in HTML format)

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