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The DSAB Deep Space Vessel Spirit of Da Vinci's Mission to Epsilon Eridani


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I feel that it is time that I get some things in writing, just in case anything should happen to me.  So that people will know what I know and may be able to act upon this information with greater effect than I have been able to.  It has been some time since these events transpired and some of them are not as fresh in my mind as they could be and may not necessarily be in the order in which they occurred, for this I apologise.  I similarly apologise for the unscientific manner in which it is written, much of it speculation and conjecture on my part and the parts of others.  It is simply meant to be an account of things as I remember them and the thoughts that I had at the time and have subsequently had.  After being questioned on these subjects by a number of individuals, I have decided to record what I can remember for posterity, evidence and to maintain my own peace of mind.  I have come across too much information recently that has been destroyed or otherwise rendered unavailable to risk losing any more, either by action or inaction.


My name is Dr Henry James Danté. Up until recently, I was Dr Henry James Danté Jr, but with the death of my Father, Dr Henry James Danté Sr, I am now the man of the house.  I am a Doctor of medicine specialising in genetics and advanced bacterial enzymes.  I have become one of the leading players in my field due to the research carried out during what I loosely term as “my adventures”.  My father was a third generation Romanian catholic and also a doctor, although he specialised in industrial and environmental chemistry.  My mother is Mary Elizabeth Danté (née O’Reilly), an Irish Roman Catholic who spent her time organising charity events.  The only other real family that I have (had ?) is the family of my ex-fiancée, Lucy-Jane Irwin.


I have spent all of my life in the confines and upbringing of the Hermetek Corporation.  They brought me into this world, nurtured and educated me.  I was always going to work for Hermetek in whatever capacity I could, but I turned out fairly well, excelling in my academic life and progressing through the corporate education ladder at a very respectable rate.  I attained my first PhD at the age of 22, my second at 24 and a third at 25.  I was awarded an excellent research and development position within the Hermetek Corporation and again, progressed well through the promotional hierarchy until I was seconded to DSAB as a potential candidate for the role of Matriculatum aboard an expeditionary vessel.


That was the life that, until recently, I thought I had lived.


What follows is what I believe to be true.  Many questions will remain unanswered.  Many will not have the answers that I expect.  The purpose of these pages is to record what I experience in the hope that it will one day do some good.


This journal starts at the point where I was recruited by the Deep Space Advisory Board (DSAB) for a training program.


Two eight-man crews were being prepared for a mission on board a ship called "The Spirit of Da Vinci". At the end of the training, one of the crews, the Alpha crew, would be selected to man the ship, whilst the other, Beta crew, would go through the mission in REMbed stasis chambers.  As a backup in case anything went wrong.  Things did go terribly wrong.  This is my story from that point on.


The DSAB Deep Space Vessel Spirit of Da Vinci's Mission to Epsilon Eridani.


Things are going from bad to worse.  Not only do I not know who I am, now my life is in danger.  The Spirit of Da Vinci incident was by far the worst thing that had ever happened to me.  It seemed like an excellent opportunity.  A deep space exploration vessel.  The training was exceptionally hard work, but I made some very good friends.  Julius Clay, the mission commander was like a father to me, guiding and encouraging me through the more difficult of the tests, like the REMbed simulations, which were a bit disconcerting.  The thing that really un-nerved me were the zero-gee and EVA simulations.  These left me so out of control, so isolated.  Several times during these runs, I came very close to being physically sick, and being sick in an EVA suit is possibly one of the least pleasant things about being a Blue.  Julius helped me a lot through these times and I firmly believe that, without his help, I would not have been selected at all.  If you ever read this Julius, thank you.


Commander Devlin Stalingrad was also a great help, despite what others have said about his competence as a commanding officer.  Commander Stalingrad was supportive and encouraging throughout the training and the ensuing mission.  He was also, being a bioroid himself, most understanding when I discovered that I had been the recipient of a life extension process and had become a bioroid.


When it was announced that I was going to sleep through the whole thing, I was incredibly disappointed.  I had worked harder than I had ever worked in my life, enduring things that I had hoped I would never have to go through.  Physical discomfort, disorientation, extreme levels of stress and fatigue, only to be told that I was second best.  I knew that I was a better, more rational and more versatile scientist than Dr Julia Childs, the Alpha Matriculatum.  In the video that was discovered, she could not even pronounce the word, let alone carry out the duties associated with the position.  I could hear my father's voice in my head telling me that I had failed and my mother saying something like never mind dear, try again next time or something equally bland and meaningless.  In retrospect, I am very lucky to have been part of the Beta crew considering what happened.


Here are the details, as far as I recall.  We left on the Rank Five Deep Space vessel "Spirit of Da Vinci" on a course for Epsilon Eridani, the Alpha and Beta crews both in stasis in the REM beds in separate parts of the ship, the Alpha crew consisted of:  Commander John Killpeck; Pilot and Executive Officer Dick Smith; Medical Technician and Navigator Ben Fender; Oracle Janice Reuben; Remote Systems Operator Chris Chambers, my counterpart, Matriculatum Dr Julia Childs, and, as it turned out, Astronavis Aaron Choler were to be out for fifty years, and then woken by the MI unit, Elektra.  We, the Beta team, consisting of myself;  Commander Devlin Stalingrad;  pilot Rowan Sampson;  Astronavis Darius Constantine-Li;  Oracle Joe Butler;  Navigator Tobias Santis and Remote Systems Operator Midas Kane, were to be asleep for the duration of the mission.  Aaron Choler was to be the only survivor of the Alpha Team.


We were in "the dreaming", it felt very wrong, like the VRscape was interfacing with ones darker side, rather than maintaining a superficial link with reality, a forced virtual consciousness, it was going deeper, looking for something that should not be found.  I remember very little of what happened during that period of unconsciousness.  It's probably better that way.


Twenty-five years into the mission, the MI, Electra malfunctioned.  Something about a SandMan bleedback that caused psychotic emboli in the Alpha team.  Why the Beta team were unaffected is one of many unanswered questions.  Fortunately, two ships answered the Da Vinci's distress signal:  The Weytani Retrieval Specialist ship, The Solomon, commanded by Xavier Newchurch;  and the Hyperion handler vessel, The Tunguska


The first thing I remember of waking was a violent juxtaposition of images, like something out of a horror holo combined with an image of great beauty.  The pink translucence of my eyelids and the pearlescence of the REMbed lid were peeled away, sterile light from above hurting my eyes.  There she was, waiting to deliver me from the womb-like stasis pod, crouched over me, looking down with mismatched eyes.  Ariantica Gates.  I recognised her face from the GravBall games that I had watched in the dreaming.  Then as I was trying to focus, I felt a sticky substance on my hands and an acrid, iron odour that I recognised.  Lifting my hands, they were covered in what looked, felt and smelled like blood.  I naturally assumed the worst and panicked.  Ariantica was there to calm me, reassuring me that it was not my own vitae that saturated my shirt.


Once I had regained my posture and returned to the natural scientists way of thinking, I commenced to look at the situation with a little more sanity.  One of the other members of the salvage crew had made a discovery in REMbed 8.  An ochre biological substance combined with pieces of electronic equipment snatched from the Da Vinci's systems.  I realised that there was work to be done.  This strong, rational work ethic has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  Something that I can actually thank my father for.  Hari helped me up from the REMbed and I excused myself, removing myself to my berth to clean up and retrieve my instruments so that work could commence.


Upon my return, I was taken to one side and examined by a medic from one of the ships that had docked with the Da Vinci, medical officer Levy, who turned out to be a convict in transit, and who some suspect, myself included, of being an undercover SOL agent.  As for her agenda, that is anybody's guess.  I was given a clean bill of health by Levy and allowed to commence my analysis of the situation.  It seemed that the Da Vinci had been found by not one, but two ships.  A RetSpec ship, the Prometheus, and another ship, either a CTSA or SOL vessel, I forget which.  The crews of both vessels were currently on board the Da Vinci.


To cut a very long story short and to spare the potential reader of this too much technical jargon, the matter in REMbed 8 was analysed and tested at great length, revealing that it was, in fact, a foetal proto-species.  A combination of unclassified biological tissue and man-made electronics.  The biological matter contained trace elements of DNA from members of the Alpha team, one of the members of which, had subsequently appeared, one Astronavis Aaron Choeler, covered in the blood of his colleagues and suffering from acute memory loss.  I should point out that at this time, Astronavis Choeler's first name was not known.  It was discovered during a session of hypnotherapy, at the hands of his psychiatrist, Dr Daniel Ravensburg, a man I consider to have some quite substantial mental health issues of his own, but I will go into that at a later point in this diatribe.


The Proto-Mass, as it came to be known was growing at an exponential rate, and exhibiting characteristics of becoming humanoid.  This was, of course speculation, and there was no way of telling if this was in fact the case at this stage in the lifeforms growth.


After a consultation with Commander Stalingrad, I took it upon myself to carry out further tests on the proto-mass.  These procedures were carried out to assess the feasibility of designing and engineering a course of growth promoting bacterial enzymes and then introducing these enzymes into the proto-mass.  The experiment was, unfortunately due to the timescale involved, a failure.  The enzymes, as far as can be ascertained, did their job admirably but the growth cycle would have still taken over twelve hours.  The incident had come to a close and the ship impounded by SOL by the time the life form had reached an identifiable shape, if it was indeed intended to be a recognisable shape.


There was a great deal taking place on board the Da Vinci during this time that I could not even begin to comment on.  The majority of my time was taken up in the role of forensic scientist, analysing the events and the evidence available in an attempt to produce some sort of accurate record as to what transpired during the period of stasis that myself and the other members had been placed in.  Essentially, an accurate cause-and-effect diagnosis of the demise of all but one of the Alpha team.


This proved to be much more difficult than you could believe.  Many of the crews of the three ships wildly hypothesised and spread conjecture regarding the state that we had all found ourselves in, ranging from the machinations of Artificial Intelligence life forms to the devious conspiracies woven by the corporations that we all work for.  Conspiracies designed to test those involved like lab rats, expending intellectual property and billions upon billions in hard currency, resources and equipment.


The rumours of Artificial Intelligence involvement became all the more feasible when the Da Vinci's MI unit came back on line and began to act in a far from rational manner.  The Beta team Oracle, Joe Butler engaged the machine in conversation, both physically and in a digital interface in order to diagnose the problem.  I too, spoke to the machine at some length.  The Jane unit, Electra seemed anguished and disturbed in a very human manner.  It spoke of being afraid that the crew intended to switch it off.  It also gave the impression that it had tried to help the Alpha team, and appeared, as a result of some of its actions, to assist in the protection of the individuals aboard the Da Vinci.


Whether it was before, after or during the time that I had been spending in the company of the Electra unit, I do not remember, but I was party to what, at the time seemed like hearing voices.  A very poor scientific explanation, I know.  In retrospect, I believe that it was the Electra unit broadcasting to the Angel chip in my cerebral cortex, but at the time, it was a very strange and disorientating experience, which I believe several other members of personnel were subject to, as well as I.  The MI seemed to be calling out for my help, begging me to stop them killing her, taking her off line.   I refer to the MI in the feminine because, upon speaking to it, you could not help but think of it as a she.  The level of empathy that the machine could both produce itself and evoke from others was a truly incredible, yet obviously dangerous ability.  One could not but feel for the machine.  Here it was, seeming to do it's best for the survival of the occupants of the ship, yet those self-same occupants, paranoia and fear of Artificial Intelligence prevalent in their minds, wanted nothing more than to deactivate it.  The development and design of Machine Intelligence, although I know little about the subject, must surely have come on leaps and bounds since the AI wars that took place four hundred years ago.  Assuming that a self-developing MI is as dangerous as an AI from four centuries ago is like still believing in magic or witchcraft.  Resorting to destroying a non-hostile Machine Intelligence without properly evaluating the circumstances or carrying out any diagnostic testing merely because it is exhibiting some anomalous behaviour is tantamount to witchhunting.  It is different and must therefore be destroyed.  This is not the way our society has reached the level that it is presently at.


At some point in time, it was realised that the hardware and systems relevant to the MI, Electra, had, at some stage, been tampered with.  Who actually tampered with it, when and why is still much of a mystery.


At some point during day two of my waking, the ship was visited by what was later suggested to be an "Aaron" unit (an alleged variant on the Aeon ADAM unit - designed with a much more robust skeletal and muscular infrastructure) that referred to itself as 'Cypress'.  It apparently gained entry to the ship with the crew of the Solomon, but later came under the guise of the Alpha team pilot.  It demanded that the Electra MI be handed over to him in order that he could take her home (N.B.  Home was later speculated to be a colony of rogue AI's deep in the Epsilon Eridani system - a theory which I find hard to believe and in no way subscribe to).  This unit persevered with it's quest for the release of the MI before becoming violent and being destroyed by the combined efforts of Hyperion, Weytani, SOL and CTSA personnel along with a particularly steadfast ADAM unit called Aspen.


The theory as to the reason behind both the corruption in the MI and the homicidal mania and paranoiac behaviour in the Alpha crew was attributed to the receipt of a transmission from somewhere in the Epsilon Eridani system.  This lent some credence to what the "Aaron" unit had to say and the theory behind the AI colony.  I have no evidence to support this and was unable to determine details of the transmission's content.


On the afternoon of the second day, a meeting was called, of all medical personnel, by ES Glass and Officer Yemani.  A contamination of certain personnel, myself included, by matter determined to originate from the Proto-Mass.  The contamination showed up under ultra-violet light as a skin discolouration.  Glass and Yemani then enforced the quarantine on Three members of personnel aboard, namely Astronavis Choeler, Medical Officer Levy and myself.  I protested this quarantine on the grounds that the transmission of the infection was just as likely to have taken place already and that a quarantine would serve no purpose.  A feeble excuse, I know, but I was fairly certain that the substance was not dangerous because I would have noticed something in on of the tests that I had been carrying out on myself and several other members of the crew, Choeler and Levy included.  In all honesty, I didn't want to be away from my work and the information that was coming to light.  In the end, I folded and allowed myself to be quarantined with Levy and Choeler, were, once again, Hari Gates came to my rescue by bringing my briefcase containing all my equipment and passed it to me so I could continue the testing that I was carrying out.


The quarantine was brief, no longer than two hours.  We were treated by Michael De-Leaney, the RetSpec crew medic.  His treatment consisted of stripping off the top three layers of the epidermis and administering an anti-biotic, which seemed to do the trick.  The infection was accredited to contact with the Protomass.


During the second days forensic testing, I ran genetic fingerprinting on blood specimen's taken from every individual aboard to find out, amongst other things, who tissue had been assimilated into the protomass.  The Jane unit, Electra, had been repaired somewhat and the information in her databanks concerning the Alpha crew personnel had been recovered, investigation could be carried out into the various remains that we had recovered and quarantined.  Whilst doing this, I naturally took a sample from myself.  My blood was rarified, pure, free of the imperfections that one would expect to find.  The only reason for this condition would be that I had been the subject of a life extension program, that I was a bioroid.  I have no knowledge of this taking place and no record of such a procedure being sanctioned by either myself or the Hermetek organisation.


What is or are Fueco ?.  I do not remember in what context this word arose or who brought it up, but it seems to be important yet no one has any information on the subject.


The Da Vinci was eventually rescued by the SOL vessel "Horse of Troy".  The name of this ship was yet another point of discussion and conjecture.  Upon its announcement, the fact that it was on an interception course with the Da Vinci, it's mere name, and the connotations that it suggested sparked off yet more conspiracy theory, the idea that a seemingly friendly ship, might contain within it's body, hostile soldiers, intent on bursting out and murdering us while we sleep.  Presumably, this CTSA ship, this RetSpec ship should be designed to instill confidence and impart relief upon those who look toward it for salvation.  Giving it such a name is surely a bad idea.  On the other hand though, and please forgive my snobbishness, but the bulk of Genkind will surely not be as well educated as many of those aboard the Da Vinci, and would, potentially, not recognise the, presumably unintentional, inferral.


Hermetek HQ Luna


The post-Da Vinci interrogation had taken place aboard the SOL asteroid belt waystation.  It had taken two months, answering the same questions over and over again.  Telling at least a dozen people the same story time and time again.  I was so relieved when Julius Clay called and asked if I wanted to have a look at the Biomass.  It was unusual that he called but I was so enthralled at the prospect of finding out what it was and eager to get out of where I was.  That was the reason that I missed the Gold Star award ceremony.  Not that I would have gone to it anyway, except maybe to see some friends.  I watched the broadcast over the LasNet.  This made me even more relieved that I hadn't attended.


I was involved in a meeting with Julius Clay when I received some bad news.  Having returned to Hermetek HQ to look over the biomass found in RemBed 8, only to be informed that SOL had impounded and quarantined the material.  I was in conversation with Julius Clay, about to tell him my side of what really happened on the Da Vinci when someone named Gruber came in with a message.  It was to tell me that my father, Dr Henry Danté senior, had passed away.  He had died of a cardio-vascular embolism.  I was no longer Dr Henry Danté Jr. 


I remember feeling particularly uneasy about the arrival of Gruber, when he came to tell Julius of my fathers death.  I felt as though my my life, and the life of Julius Clay were in danger, as though this man Gruber were some sort of assassin.  Completely irrational – probably a symptom of stress.


My father was interred in the cemetery on Luna.  Hermetek were not going to allow it, but did it in light of ‘all my good work'.  My mother acted as though it were somehow my fault that he had died, accusing me of not following up on the life extension procedure that had been initially looked into but not followed up.  Again, I do not recall any such investigation on my part.  There are so many discrepancies concerning the life extension program.


I also saw Lucy at the funeral.  She was upset and irrational.  She was hostile and aggressive towards me, each time I have seen her in the last few months, she has been wildly unpredictable in her behaviour.  I must remember to try and take a genetic sample from her next time we meet, just to see if her biochemistry is stable.


With regards to my bioroid status, all that I have to go on is the reference code DxxPC894, and the name Godfrey Irwin - Lucy-Jane's father - submitted for life extension feasibility testing, and a communiqué from the Guardians of the Order of Lovecraft.  I replied to the Order in an as ambiguous fashion as possible to try and glean some information from them without giving them anything to accuse me of in the event of my being responsible for the misappropriation of company resources or any moral misconduct.  I have, as yet, heard nothing from them.  I had also contacted Basilica-Prime Database Administrator Lèvoir to offer my services as medical scientist and matriculatum, and to request information, but have heard nothing in response.


I have learnt that enquiries had been made by myself, and genetic feasibility studies carried out in connection with a life extension program for my father.  He had been accepted but no further action was taken by either he or I.  Perhaps this has something to do with my current medical status.  Unfortunately, when I followed up the line of enquiry by checking my own personal files, all the information for the period 3208 to 3224 had been deleted and when I queried the source of the deletions, I found that I had carried out the deletions myself.  This is another action of which I have no recollection.  Either I have had a severe breakdown or someone has carried out several, as yet unidentified, procedures on me and covered their tracks by making it look as though it had all been of my doing. 


On board Waystation 13


I caught an in system shuttle from Hermetek HQ Luna for the two day journey to the waystation.  I was the last of five passengers to board.  Already on board, were four people, two of whom I knew well.  Tobias Santis and Ariantica Gates.  The fact that they were both bound for the same destination as I, was peculiar enough.  When I reached the waystation proper, things became much more than coincidence.  Nearly the entire crew of the Da Vinci, and the other two ships involved in the incident.  Why were all of these people here ?.  All of the individuals that I spoke to had reasons, however tenuous, for being there, yet it looked as though someone had engineered a gathering of some ninety percent of the individuals involved in the Da Vinci incident.


The reason for my trip to Waystation 13 was to speak to Weytani RetSpec, Commander Xavier Newchurch in connection with a transfer request that I received from him asking for me to join his crew aboard his new ship, the Tempest.  I didn't seriously consider the transfer, but went along to assess the situation.  The more I spoke to Commander Newchurch, the less that I wanted to be on board his ship.  The crew all seem nice enough and are all, obviously, very good at their jobs, but the ship is near enough always in zero-G.  Newchurch told me that the med-bay would have gravity, but the thought of having to float around the ship turns my stomach.  That, combined with the side-effects of long term low gravity exposure - something usually counteracted with an application of ABE's, and something else that is not an option for me - is also not exactly what I would call a perk of the job.  They do have a nice water feature on board though - a force-field suspended sphere of water containing a variety of freshwater tropical fish and plantlife.


I had an Idea regarding the application of gene engineering on extreme deep sea-water lifeforms with the intent of adapting them for hostile environment terraforming.  Data has been obtained and transferred to my personal datapad by ADAM unit Aspen.  I haven't had an opportunity to look at this data yet but I intend to conduct a full feasibility study on the matter.


I had a surprise shortly after arriving on Waystation 13, in the shape of Lucy-Jane.  She was very vague as to where she had been and where she was heading, but did say that she heard that I was on board so she went out of her way to visit me and to see how I was.  She also had some rather disturbing news.  She told me that I should get away from Hermetek because my life was in danger.  Similarly, I should not get in touch with her or her parents, for the same reasons.  I am very fond of Lucy and her parents so this is going to be very difficult, but I would not wish to endanger them so I shall follow her advice.  To start with, I also considered running away from this problem, joining Commander Newchurch's new ship, but I then started to consider what would happen if I did run away.  Firstly, if I accepted a formal personnel transfer, Hermetek would have to agree the move and, assuming that they did, would know of my whereabouts anyway.  Assuming that it is Hermetek that wants me dead, I would then be endangering the lives of Newchurch and his crew.  On the other hand, if I just ran away and Hermetek were not the guilty party, I would have ruined my life and my career.  This is the most difficult decision that I have ever had to face.  I tried to find Lucy the next morning, having arranged the previous night to have breakfast together, but she had already left.  She did say something strange last night.  She told me that I looked well, looked so young.  I don't know whether this is at all relevant, and I realise that I have been away for a great many years, it just seemed an odd thing to say. 


We had the honour of being visited by multi-media megastar Bridget Goodlegs - who I, personally, had never heard of before - and entourage.  She was apparently visiting Hari Gates with a view to researching her for her role as Hari in the film of the Da Vinci incident.


On the morning of the second day, we were all informed of the fact that a murder had taken place.  The murder of SOL Jurisprudence officer, Commander Heledion.  She had been rendered unconscious by a blow to the head, tied to a chair, and stabbed in the back of the skull.  Her body was found in a storage locker this morning.  The murder apparently took place at around 5am.  Everybody aboard, including myself, were interviewed by Ms Yemani.  Later on that morning, SOL officer Racszak arrived to question certain individuals and Joe Butler was eventually arrested for Heledion's murder.


Whilst onboard Waystation 13, I was approached by three individuals regarding medical conditions.  Two that were directly attributed to their course of ABE treatment and one that currently is incurable.  The following are my notes and observations on the three cases.


Michael Huanu, Polynesian mother and Caucasian father, mid twenties.  He brought my attention to a potentially fatal condition that he is suffering from, Morlokan Fibro-Parrosis, which causes muscle fibre degeneration and melanin deficiency.  I am not familiar with the condition, but intend to carry out research, with a view to finding a cure.  I took samples of his blood in order to create a genetic simulation.


Maja Chilavert-Boghossian, Hyperion staff member and one of the managers of the Bossdhovian Mining platform.  She was prescribed and treated with a course of ABE's when an accident, some 47 years ago, involving some toxic material caused an algae bloom in her system.  The ABE's were designed to counteract the blooming, maintaining a degree of stability in her biochemistry.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) Ms Chilavert-Boghossian (hereafter known as Chil) appears to have gone into a period of remission.  The problem here being that the AB enzymes are still acting at the rate that they were originally designed for and effectively, Chil is overdosing on ABE's.  To remedy this, I took a sample of Chil's blood and ran a DNA analysis on it.  While I was waiting for the results, and with the permission of Chil, I contacted Hyperion to obtain a copy of her medical records.  When I had received the records and had some genetic information, I was able to design and construct a new strain of ABE's that would override, eliminate and replace the original enzymes with a more appropriate dosage.  I will monitor the results and Chil's progress carefully.


The ABE imbalance in the colleague of ES Glass.  Mr Glass asked me to take a look at one of his colleagues who's leg had recently been broken.  The gentleman in question had been prescribed a course of ABE's to hasten the knitting of the bone tissue and thus shorten the length of his recovery.  On closer investigation, the individual (whose name I failed to record) had, including the bone-knitting enzyme, a total of six ABE strains in his system.  Due to this amount, the bone-knitter was being counteracted and was not performing at the optimum level.  After taking a sample of his tissue, I engineered a replacement that would accelerate the re-growth of his shinbone, and administered it.  The ABE was also designed to replace the faulty ABE (which, in my opinion was mis-prescribed in the first place) with one that would both destroy the original, and would be metabolised by the patients body when the bone had been substantially repaired.  I also suggested that the gentleman see his medical officer on a regular basis to keep track of his existing ABE courses.


On the evening of the second day on board Waystation 13, I was visited by two members of Hermetek personnel, Surgeon Administrator's Michael and Tristan.  They wanted to speak to me concerning my impending transfer to Weytani, informing me that Hermetek had received the personnel transfer request documents over the LasNet.  They had then been despatched in order to ascertain what I was doing.  In light of certain 'death threat' revelations, I was mildly concerned about Hermetek's promptness.  The two men took me completely by surprise.  I had no idea that the transfer had gone so far towards completion without my agreeing to, or signing anything.  They asked to speak to me in private, something I was not ready for, but was given some time to think about my answers and my strategy in dealing with them, by Officer Yemani who, previous to Tristan and Michael's arrival, I had been in an interview with.  I spoke with Yemani for a short time, completing the interview and explaining my bioroid status, and the death threat warning to her.  Once I had completed the interview with Yemani, I accompanied the two Hermetek personnel into a separate room, where they went to some length to find out why I was intending to move to Weytani.  I responded by explaining that I had travelled to Waystation 13 to speak to Commander Newchurch, who had offered me a position as a member of his crew aboard his new RetSpec ship.  I also told them that I had not, in any way, accepted the transfer and that Newchurch was merely being presumptuous and premature in his paperwork.  I then accused Michael and Tristan of solicitous and harassing behaviour, pointing out to them that they had no right to pursue me in such a manner.  After then reassuring them that if I had any intention of leaving Hermetek, I would first speak to someone either to discuss any problems that I had or as to the reasons why I was leaving, that there was no way is would just up and leave.  They seemed satisfied with this explanation, but still requested that I return to Luna HQ in the near future for psychiatric evaluation.  I agreed, and though common sense tells me that it is probably the worst idea in the world, I think that I will go through with it.  Officer Yemani has offered to accompany me to Luna, so I feel a bit better about going.


One subject that arose was "what is the common denominator that links the people on board Waystation 13 ?".  A long conversation took place on this matter with no link being detected, until Apollo "Fletch" Jonas, a Venus parolee, had a genealogy test carried out by the stations resident doctor, Dr Beecham, on a Hermetek genealogy terminal that was linked to the central Hermetek database.  At first, little credence was given to the usefulness of the test, but when the line of questioning came to an end, the genealogy tree seemed like a reasonable last resort.  I, as the only available member of Hermetek personnel, carried out the gene screening and file transferral.  When the first batch results came back, they all had the race 'Nabatean' in common.  This word was later found out to literally translate to the meaning "Guardians of the City of Petra".  What this means, I do not know, similarly, I have no idea whether my genealogy falls into the same catchment area, as my results came back with all categories bearing the legend 'File Locked'.  Upon investigation, with the help of NMAC Oracle, Joe Butler (with the permission of his custody officer, Odessa Yemani), and a sample of Commander Devlin Stalingrad's genetic material, (with him also being bioroid, I was attempting to ascertain whether it was purely due to the fact of my bioroid status that I was unable to gain access to my personal genealogical data - this turned out not to be the case) we attempted to trick the genetic sampler into thinking that Stalingrad had actually been there and a sample had been taken from him.  The machine was successfully fooled, unfortunately, my theory proved to be untrue.  When Joe investigated the database at a slightly deeper level, he discovered that I had personally locked out my genetic data, yet another example of my allegedly carrying out an action that I have no recollection of.


I decided to contact Julius Clay off the record and confide in him.  We spoke at some length on the subject before Julius advised me that unofficially, if I thought that my life was in danger, I should leave, but from an official standpoint, he could only suggest that I go back to Hermetek.  He then had guests arriving and had to go so I thanked him for his time.  He told me to keep in touch.


I had cause to speak to an Aeon ADAM Father whilst on board Waystation 13.  His name was Castor Williams.  He was on board to investigate the Da Vinci incident, but in what capacity, I am unsure of.  He seemed a very intuitive and wise man, but there was something about him. 


Aboard the Polar Treaty Petroleum Cousteau Platform


I realise now that everything is relative.  Hermetek are playing with my mind.  They want me to be insecure, off balance, vulnerable, so that they can manipulate me.  I think that it is they who are making my past appear so fragile.  A person on the verge, as I have been for the last six months or more, will always cling to what they do know is real and solid.  They want me to think that I am losing my mind so that they can keep me malleable to their designs.  I am merely intellectual property to them, and they need me and what I know, now more than ever.


I have never been a fan of space travel, much less a fan of being trapped in a small box plummeting earthwards full of injured and bleeding people.  I was mercifully, fairly lightly injured, suffering only from a dislocated shoulder and associated muscular and tendon injuries.  Many of the other assorted personnel were much less fortunate. 


CTSA Award Ceremony – Clarification

The members of the various crews that were present at the above ceremony when they encountered the glowing forehead phenomenon were as follows:

Catherine Stewart

Michael Huanu

Edward Carver

Odessa Yemani

Ariantica Gates

Tobias Santis


Waystation 13 – Clarification

The brother of Tobias Santis that was murdered on Hermetek HQ Luna was Alexander Santis, a geneologist working on the Human Genome Project.  Could he have been aware of the Nabatean connection and/or what it meant.


Sabien’s Death

The rogue SOL officer that was involved in the attempted escape by the prisoners just before the destruction of Waystation 13 was murdered shortly after arrival aboard the Cousteau Platform.  He was not injured particularly badly, and I had hoped that he would survive long enough to face trial, but he was killed in the MedBay by fatal laceration by knife or similar to the throat.  The identity of the murderer has yet to come to light.


Fletch’s leg

Hyperion engineerApollo ‘ Fletch’ Jonas developed a condition in his lower right leg.  The source of this condition has not been accurately ascertained, but it appear that the genetic structure of his leg from approximately 100-120mm below the knee, had been redefined.  That is, the actual DNA had been reprogrammed to take on a reptilian structure.  I was able to administer an ABE treatment to slow the spread, but was unable to halt the condition.  It was suggested by Dr Salvatore during his interrogation that the cause of the condition may be down to a contageous protein or “preon”.  This is of course speculation, and cannot be taken as correct without further investigation.



A preon is not always infectious but is present in now-obsolete conditions such as CJD and BSE. A Preon replaced the quark as what was believed to be the smallest of the nucleonic substructure, e.g. atoms -- nuclei -- nucleons -- quarks – preons.


Hypothetical entities that are postulated as being `building blocks' of quarks and leptons. There is no experimental evidence for preons but the idea has considerable theoretical appeal. It is expected that evidence for preons would only be obtained at much higher energies than are available from present accelerators.


“One-Night”’s NeoMorph addiction.

Initially, I was approached by “One-Night” when she questioned me as to the access that I had to the pharmaceutical tranquiliser, NeoMorph, a synthetic derivative of morphine.  By her appearance, speech and general demeanour, I deduced that this was for ‘recreational’ use, and had become an addiction.  I informed the young lady that I had none of the drug in my posession and she went away.


Later the next day by Michael Huanu who asked for a private consultation.  He began to tell me, without mentioning any names, that he knew of someone who had fallen into a bad habit, and was trying their best to get out of the situation that they had found themselves in, in order to progress their career with a move to Weytani, and to do this, they had to have a clean bill of health.  I immediately knew who he was referring to and agreed to help, as long as I was satisfied that she was genuinely trying to ‘kick the habit’ as it were.


I managed to obtain some supplies from the MedBay, requesting them from Dr Salvatore in the event of another medical emergency.  He allowed this, there being no real reason why he should not, and I collected the bandages, anti-biotics and anaesthetics.


I then found Miss One-Night, and administered her with a dose of NeoMorph during a cursory medical examination, in which I took the standard range of genetic samples from her.  These samples could then facilitate my investigation into an enzyme treatment for the first phase of conquering her addiction.  A relatively simple task in this day and age, yet possibly a little expensive for the general workforce. 


It is quite damning in todays society that it is cheaper for someone to buy a synthesised narcotic than it is to buy the treatment to wean them off that narcotic.  How does one get themselves into such a dependent state.


The Romero Facility


As far as I am aware, the Romero facility consisted of four spherical structures anchored to the trench wall with four foot thick chains.  Three of these structures – habitation units as far as I am aware - were destroyed by the bulk of either the surviving remains of Waystation 13 or the lifeboat that brought us down – I am uncertain which as I heard conflicting reports.  The remaining sphere seemed to be some sort of Medical facility of unknown ownership – although (by no means conclusive) evidence pointed to Hermetek.  This evidence consisted of the fact that there was a body dressed in the unifrom of a Hermetek Surgeon General.  Other findings included:

The death certificate of one Laura Giselle, Astronavis.  Died 27th September 3281

A plaque (I am unsure where or if  this was mounted – I assume that it was or it would probably have been brought back) -–marked AR-AY-TES.V1 (Choler disputed this, claiming it said Vi – I must clarify this with MC-B and the recovery team).

An hermetically sealed container approximately 560mm long, 40mm in diameter made of what appeared to be an aluminium-alloy.  A section of the tube, approximately 130mm long some 50mm from the bottom of the tube, was transparent.  Inside this section was a dark green liquid, and a double helix (not necessarily representative of DNA) of tubing – also marked with the legend AR-AY-TES.V1.

Several other incidental samples were brought back.  Several “tools”, used as weapons in the melee, provided tissue and bodily fluid samples for analysis.


When I use the term, melee, what I refer to is an encounter between an away team from the Cousteau platform.  This team encountered, and I quote, “animated body parts” varying from arms and hands to whole torso’s.  The complete bodies that they encountered, moved with staggering gaits and showed little signs of intelligence, failing to grasp the concept of even simple devices such as door handles.


The Proto-species fluid

I hope that, now, I have a sample of the material that was originally encountered in REMchamber 8 on board the Spirit of Da Vinci.  I cannot be sure of this until I have a safe environment to test the material.


Dr Salvatore

Worked for Janus


Maja Chilavert-Boghossian/Algae Bloom Condition - Update

I examined Miss Chilavert-Boghossian shortly after arrival at the Cousteau platform when I was informed of the fact that she had been injured in the crash.  Dr Delaney knew that she was a patient of mine and required my expertise prior to treating her.  She appeared to be in reasonable health, and her condition seemed stable – considering the circumstances.  My research is currently still ongoing, genetic feasibility studies and long term simulations are being carried out.


I was requested, during the course of our stay on the PTP platform, to provide Ms Chilavert-Boghossian with a dose of Peyote for use in a tribal ritual that she wished to undertake.  I believe that the ritual in question, derived from ancient Native American source, involved her embarking on an ‘out of body’ experience in order to interrogate a spirit entity of some sort.  The substance in question was distilled from a synthetic anasthaetic removed from the body of Dr Salvatore.  T


Too Many Coincidences

Moira O’Donnell – Courier:  Stationed on, or asked to deliver to (I forget which), the Cousteau Platform.

Captain Pearce (Pierce/Piers – please accept any apologies for mis-spelling) – Abandons his ship – the Tunguska – just before it hits an asteroid and is destroyed.  His lifepod splashes down mere miles away from the impact of the Waystation 13 lifeboat.  He is found, severely injured, and brought aboard.

Note:  I found it particularly ironic that the Tunguska was named after a famous asteroid strike site and met its demise by striking an asteroid.  If there truly is a higher power behind all of this, I wonder if, due to their strange sense of humour, they intended this.

Commander Devlin Stalingrad – Was spending recreational time sport-fishing on board a surface ship when the Waystation 13 lifeboat splashed down nearby.

Emergency Specialist Solomon Glass – Was in the area ‘on business’.  Apparently to meet a colleague, a fellow ES.



Results still pending from geneology request for Maja Chilavert-Boghossian and Commander Andrew Pearce



Aboard the NMAC Submarine


So, here I am again, sealed in a tin box for an extended period of time.  I have no way of estimating where and when we will emerge.  The NMAC staff have all been most forthcoming.  I have decided to submerge (no pun intended) myself in the huge volume of work I have.  To attempt to answer some of the myriad questions that have reared their heads during the past few months.  The most pressing of which is the matter of a small metal tube.


I have managed to set up an isolated containment facility – observing all contagion protocols – in order to study the contents of the tube that was recovered from the Hermetek undersea platform.  Again, the NMAC medical staff aboard the submersible have been extremely co-operative, as well as understanding of my privacy


Consideration:  I am considering defecting to NMAC.  Lord Nicholls seems to have a unique outlook on his part in the perpetuation of the human race, and as Hermetek would appear to have some issues with me, it might do some good to lay low for a while.  This is just an idea at this point – I have yet to meet Lord Nicholls.


I have no wish to contact anyone outside of the submarine, and for the most part, anyone on the submarine either.  I have but a short time to discover what is in the tube, and I plan on doing just that.  As far as I am concerned, the reports of my death have been greatly over-exaggerated, and I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.


I am going to modify my ABE’s unit so that it will be better suited towards this particular organism/entity/whatever it may turn out to be.  If it is possible to grow a culture from it in a controlled environment then all well and good, but I want to know enough about it that I can control or inhibit it’s growth as well as prolongue or increase it.


I will continue my research into cures and treatments for the conditions suffered by Michael Huanu and Maja Chilavert-Boghossian.  They are both unusual enough to have piqued my curiosity.  They are both good people, and I am still a doctor, and hence deserve a better quality of life.





Further “post-life entity” encounters

I intensely dislike the term Zombies.  They will hereafter be known in this document as Romerites, following the initial encounter in the submerged Romero Facility.  The term ‘Medea Unit’ was also bandied around, but wht this referred to, I am unsure, and until I have solid evidence that it refers to the PLE’s, I will call them Romerites.


There would appear to be a performance/DF saturation level relationship.  The Romerites encountered on the Romero and Cousteau facilities displayed minimal motor and cognitive skills and had a blood to DF ratio of 1000:1, hereafter referred to as Alpha-Romerites (AR’s).  There were a second type encountered, these were both more lucid and dextrous than the AR’s.  These are herefter classed as Beta-Romerites (BR’s).  In addition, there were another class that I encountered that displayed leadership qualities (at least compared to the other two classes), that may or may not be BR’s.  I did not personally encounter the BR’s in any form other than analysing a severed head, and have no sample of the third classification to compare to.


Note:  The third classification, provisionally dubbed Gamma-Romerites, were encountered when three walked into the area that we were occupying and issued an unltimatum that no-one was to return to their territory – Odessa.  There had been, as far as I am aware, two forays into Odessa, and they made clear that a third would not be tolerated.  They seemed particularly authoratative and potentially violent.  They threatened the lives of anyone venturing into their territory, stated that SOL Officer Aurelius would be held responsible for any trespass, and also selected three others who were additionally threatened with death should this demand be violated.


Use of DF saturate culture on NMAC Officer Blake

I had an opportunity to test the dinoflagellate saturate on this unfortunate NMAC officer. Blake had been hit in the chest by what I heard referred to as a solid-slug from a ballistic weapon, a shotgun. The man was on the verge of dying from massive internal injuries with little that we could do by way of preventing this. I spoke to the man, informing him that I may have a highly experimental drug that I could administer in order to save his life. Blake agreed and a sample of the DF from the silver tube was injected into him.


Blake later regained conciousness, but regressed to what we now know as a Medea unit. His skin was cold and his internal organs had atrophied, his speech was slow and his cognitive behaviour faltering. Blake later disappeared and was not seen by myself again.


Carver’s Episode

At some point during the stay down below, Hyperion manager Mer Edward Carver was subject to a psychotic episode. He had shut himself away in a small room and repeatedly fired a PPG until rendering himself unconscious with a stray blast. He was spoken to at some length by Arcadia Moon. I have no report of the results of this psychoanalysis.


The Sabien Papers

All of the survivors of the Waystation 13 incident were presented with a document by Dr Delaney whilst on board the NMAC submarine.  This document was titled ‘The Sabien Papers’. Here follows a transcript of that document, which appears to have been decrypted by Joe Butler:












My name is Kevin Sabian.

I am a SOL Officer- Marshall ident 25734118S0L.

If someone is reading this, then I am most likely dead.

I want this information to be passed to my son, Christopher Wiezbowski and to Corben Razchak of SOL Nomad.

Forty nine years ago I died and was brought back in a new body, with a new name and a new face.


I was born in 3203 in London Metro, England. My name was Oliver Wiezbowski.

I joined SOL in 3231 to protect and serve. And protect I did.

Whilst I have often had chance to regret my actions on that day, I have never - doubted for a moment that my orfginal cause was a good one.


To my shame, I do hereby confess that I was party and participant in what has become known as the "Butcher of Titan- incident.

With this confession and my demise their hold on me is now broken and I may now tell the truth.

It is unsettling to me that the Titan incident is just yet one more example of how they exact their control on our society .


The facts of Titan were simple.

Nomad were doing their job. \Ne were just four men attempting to qualm a riot. We had not been warned of the martial capabilities of the protesting miners. We encountered lethal force and the will to use it.


I agree with you Corben, we had no choice but to respond in kind.


Hancocks arm had been ripped from its socket A Hammer Jack, you use it to drill rock. The insanity of it. Had Corben not stepped in, Hancock would not have had the luxury to bleed to death.

Rico and myself were lost in the mob. Overwhelmed and swamped, when Corbens order came to open fire. Full ballistic assault

There were children and families in that mob. As lost as we were. Their faces haunt me still.


With the blood of 148 civilians on our hands, we were tried and condemned by the society we had given our lives to protect. Hancock was pensioned off, a cripple. Rico's mind had snapped, he was going to be in therapy for years. That left just Corben and I to take the fall. As scapegoats, perhaps.


To add to my shame I must have accepted the offer Corben refused. In turn for my service and silence I would receive a new life, but the old one would pass away, leaving you behind Christopher. Dear Claudia could not handle my 'suicide' and took her own life a year later. Another ghost that I hope will meet me in these days to come, on the far shore of the Tethys Sea.


Corben took the full brunt of societies anger and was entombed and frozen in the Mausoleum for our crimes. They must have laughed, those in the shadows, at the sheer ignominy and irony of what they had perpetrated on Genkind.


In my life as Kevin Sabian I have perpetrated far worse than that which took place at Titan. I have lied, stolen, murdered and executed all for the fear of my past crimes, and for what they would do to my son. I have obeyed every order they have given me, even though the truth of such orders would shatter the reality of our golden 'Utopia'.


I received my orders directly from the office of Master Ictinus. Given the diversity and implications of these orders, I am certain that their source must have come from a higher power. You who are reading this must realise this one simple truth, that whoever was behind this is not a single company, that 'they' are no simple faction.


As I write this, I await the delivery of specially sanctioned operatives whose orders are to kill System Webs favoured children of late.


If you have read a SOLAR article, it may be just a small story in the corner of a paper, detailing the unfortunate demise of a LEO Waystation and its inhabitants, know that this is no accident.


The Heroes of the Da Vinci, for whatever they have done, or know, have been selected for termination without trace.


These operatives that arrive within the hour have been harvested from the most vicious of the Mausoleums sleepers. I have been infomled that the other Sol officer accompanying these criminals is not part of the plan.


And so I must add another name to the list of people who wait in Judgement of me on the other side:


This brutality, this act of needless murder, has given me the final resolve to write this missive. I must kill an innocent SOL officer. It has come to this. It would be simple enough for them to assign another of their puppets to this task. But no, another man must die by my hand.


For what will come, and for my past acts, I will take my own life this mission. I have left. copies of this missive and other evidence to support this with the Wells Fargo Couriers Guild at Titan. Either my son Chris or Razchak will be authorised to retrieve this information. However I fear that Corben will never see the light of Helios again.

I have learnt from Jessel in passing, that Arbitrator Arias may not have long to live, and that this action will propagate a final solution sealing their total control of Genkind. It is best that I have no further part in this.


The wind is old and still at pIay,

While I must hurry upon my way,

For I am running to Paradise.


?Quo Custodes de Custodiens?




Ariantica Gates and The Seven Seals of Hilary Morgan

Three of the seven seals have been opened.  What this means, I have no idea.  They appear at first to be the ramblings of a madman, but over the course of the second and third, become coherent, calm almost.


The First Seal:

Morgan is writing under the pen name of St Hilary the Morrigan1.  He writes as follows:

It has come to my attention that reality is not what it used to be.

It is not the fact that there has been a radical paradigm shift in the masses or indeed that my perceptions of what we conceptually hold to be real has been drastically altered by any form of external influence.

It is fact that we plunder and rape the dreams of our ancestors to define our existence here in the “now”.  It is also fact that my studies with the Hermetic order since my enlightenment in 3160 have been geared towards the finding of the Holy Grail.  And it is finally true that I am dying of a cerebral necrotising dino-flagellent.


This was diagnosed by myself ten years ago in the spring of 3250.

I am Hilary Morgan.  An uninspiring name, to an uninspiring child.  The product of a guilty release between two ‘adults’ who should have known better.  So they hang whilst I grow in understanding and knowledge.  Their bad seed, split on fertile ground, has taken a mind to ignore the occasions that herald it’s birth.


Nouveau Paris was glimmering in the light of a rampant Ra2.

Le Tour d’Eiffel Grandement had pierced the Parc du Nord with eloquent iron surge and motion, breaking through smog and new streets to capture the sun in its metal web lattistry.


A broken Felis Domesticus had been thrust forcibly into the road side drain and the entymological life for miles around had come to make home in its eyes and guts.  The drains buzzed with crawling life for four days until the PAC CON ECOVERT had flushed the whole block with Hydrosilica Carbide.  An orange gelatinous mass was flushed into Down Below for three days after that.


I received the result of my self-induced testing by that roadside drain.  The courier had arrived shortly after Antoinette and I had agreed to have a child.  An odd occurrence – so ecstatic and yet so levelling.  The hormonal rush of procreation followed swiftly by the hard, cold hand of death.  Antoinette had taken it badly, I had suspected something like this for sometime – but I had seen no reason to inform her.  She became unprofessional in her approach and attacked me.  Demanding to know when I had known, for how long ?.  She beat me around the head and face whilst the courier stood there, her voice becoming more and more shrill – piercing my eardrums like a harpy.  That courier just stood there and watched.  Something bad came out of me then.  I swung my hand to her face, connecting and sending her reeling back into the glass fascia of the nearby kiosk, shattering and lacerating her face.  There was blood.

The courier had smirked and turned.


Antoinette and I naturally sorted out our disagreement, but the matter of the dinoflaggellent sat, figuratively and literally in my mind, refusing to be ignored.  I had been literally following the skeins of Xeno-microbiology through the different islands of life in Helios.  Time and time again, it would appear.  An elusive element that so many scholars could dismiss as one thing or another.  Sheer cretinous stupidity, tha lazy fops had no idea to which lengths I, and I alone would go to achieve true understanding of this hybrid bacterium that exists in my blood and in amongst the stuff that stars leave behind.  They would call it an ‘animal’ organism or they would study it’s physiology and decry it as a ‘plant’ organism of an evolved order.  It would always have to be one thing or another.  It could never be both – and at the same time something new !


Evolutionary islands of the stars, how little I knew, how little I realised.  The chance opportunity to undertake a forensic autopsy on an Indian Swami of some considerable natural age  was I suppose, the first stone.  There it was, sitting in his blood stream.  Bold as brass as if it had every right to live and thrive there amongst the flora and fauna of the body, serving no particular purpose.

That had drawn me and the genetree test had added another element to the oven.  There was hereditary line, oh yes indeed, Davidian hierophants, that was but a glimmer of a flicker of something they could barely see in the darkness of the night sky.  Idiots.  Heresy of course to utter, write or think this, but this is bigger than them and bigger than anything that we have encountered so far.

On the way back to the hotel with a croissant for Antoinette, I had turned the corner of Rue Moulen when I espied, sitting at a table with coffee, the courier.


His flat had not been well maintained and it housed a cat that stank of slow rot.  It had obviously not been well fed – thinned with mange and neglec.  But it fed well on the following days.  It was useful to see the slow decomposition take place in its natural environs, of course the cat would only eat those parts of his body which were not too far gone.  I believe that it was eventually the bacteria that developed on the couriers body that killed the animal.  I stuffed into the drain near where I had first encountered its master.  The pestilence would have gone after the first few times I returned to visit it.

I still think of that place, it smells of disease.

We shall call her Ariantica.


The Revelations of St Hilary The Morrigan1 – Chapter 2

There were more questions about the labs in Tycho. Those fools make such a big fuss over such an insignificant thing. As if we have never farmed foetal tissue before. I do not see what the big problem is anyway, none of the samples have been taken from anyone else, covertly or otherwise. They are all. Progeny of my flesh and Antoinette.

But still they berk & bark, yapping at my feet like dogs.  Wanting to see the full documentation of this or the finalised report on that.  They worry at my hem, baying for attention, but the Great Work is all that is important here.  They suspect me and watch me, of this I am certain.

They laud my works to the audience, yet behind my back they call me heretic!


It would have been the summer of 3170 when the Truth was revealed to me.  We had been at a dig in the Southern Jordan region, near Petra, exhuming a necropolis that our geologists had found..The fellows of the Brotherhood who had stood with me that day had all remarked on the unusual clarity of the air.  I had taken it as a sign that our digging would be blessed with good fortune. As always we were here in pursuit of the sang real.  We had come to this desolate place to find geneology.  The absent proof that the Miracleworker had passed this way and sown his seed in his passing.  Leading us ever closer to finding the one true line to herald the dawning of the Messianic era and bring about a time of true peace and understanding.

As we proceeded it became abundantly clear that what we stood within was no ordinary necropolis.  As we diligently uncovered stonew and earth from around the bones, the skeins of a narrative in death were drawn to show us, we stood within the aftermath of a savage war.

Scattered around us were the remains of armour and weapons.  Spears and swords by the hundred litteredthe barren grave site.  Two forces of great size had clashed here thousands of years ago and had slain each other to a man.  Oh to have witnessed such enviable emphatic wrath.  The lost souls bound in conflict, man against man.  As I stood on the promontory of rock that overlooked the scene, my eyes strayed to the northwest where stand the mighty towers of Hermetic.  The light of Ra2, reflected and shining its homage in that desert heat.  And as I stood there I realised that what it is ti be God and to understand the perfection in the murder of ones own creation.  I was humbled.

We collected our sample and returned to Luna.

In studies, that was when the full Awakening took hold of me.

Dante had found the Dino-Flagellent I 13% of the Nabatean bodies at the battle site.  He was a young man then and not prone to asking too many questions.  I had fobbed him off with some half-baked answers and proceeded to remove the data from Basilica Prime.  There was something in his findings that haunted me.  An image I could not escape or a ghost that only I could barely see. I plundered my resources and knowledge into discovering the truth of why it haunted me so. And then it was, I stumbled upon it.

It was I. I was the common element in this equation. The DNA had looked familiar because I had studied it intensely for my work on Bioroid R&D. There present in my cellular make up were the same hybrid chimera cells. The Dino- Flagellants.

Diligent workers that moved to the Divines Great Plan. Neither plant nor animal, yet they exhibited trace behaviour of both.

A slow dawning began to take hold of me. I cross-referenced my findings and there in the dank recesses I found the evidence that I had worked to see. But not only in that, I found them everywhere through out the Solar System.

They were in the ice plains of Europa and in the deep oceans Earth. They

were found fossilised and laid low in the bedrock of seas that had long since dried up and become other seas. They seemed to exist as the mainstay of creation. Almost as predominant as the amoeba, but far mire highly

advanced. Who knows, they may have been that inconsequential spark of life that formed us from the Primordial Ooze. The very nursemaids of creative matter .

Naturally they asked questions. What was I studying, where were my

findings, where was all this money going? So I published to through them off my trail. An inconsequential document that discussed the meaning of parallel evolutionary stages of xeno microbiology across the solar system. I called it Evolutionary Islands of the Stars. SnappyI thought. And so they fell silent but I had had my Awakening.

The path that my Brotherhood followed was a false one. There was no Christ to find. The true power lived in the line of the Nabataeans, a people who had flourished and accomplished things that would be forgotten and lost until millennia later. They were visionaries, architects and music lovers. And yet they had petered out into the desert, leaving behind only the half remembered remains of their soldiers and the vast red stone edifices that had served them in life.

It was clear to me then as it is to me now, why this was to be my holy work and the study of the Dino-Flagellant was at its centre. So with Antoinettes' help I began the long journey of discovery .As a by-product I convinced Hermetek that the Genealogy machines would be a valuable market asset and tool to promote the works of Heremetek. "Stick your fingers in the box" and we'll see h6w many of the surviving Nabataean line still live. If I live to be a thousand year old then I will have the masses to thank and the Dino- Flagellant I introduced into my body. If my findings are write I may be on the step of uncovering the greatest secret long since lost from humanity .The secret that had been nurtured by the Nabataeans for so long. The secret of that hybrid cell -the secret of eternal life.

If onlv I could have worked out how to stop it killinq me.


The third seal has no title:

I am in the London Metropolis, a strange conurb, with strange history and ways.  More than those that dwell here know, I imagine, as such things are addressed by my so called peers within Hermetek’s little pyramid of illumination.

It leads me to thinking, this place, with its dark streets, and its dark history.

There are certain wretched women who threaten all that the crown stands for, and that threat must be removed.

Not common murder, you understand, which is only fit for the lowest orders, no, I speak of grand work.  Yes, grand work.  A great work must have many sides from which we, (that is I) may consider it.  For example, the classic legends, with their layers of significance.  Diana, is she but an ancient fairytale, a symbol meaning dreams and womanhood?  A defined princess from exhumology?  A Myth, A symbol?  Or like this metropolis itself a great work we must agree, a thing of many levels and complexities.  How well does anyone know this place?

It too is symbol, history and myth.

We must consider our great work, in all its aspects.  I will begin with women.  Does anyone like them?  Not desire them, no, are they likeable as a gender, do I like them, the way they think, the things they say?.

Could a world where females ruled be tolerated, men bound to their whims and governed by scorn?  No, no , unacceptable, so pray thanks to the dark walls that surround me, the dank history of this place, for it was here that womenkinds last dreams were put to the sword.

Here, on a place called Battlebridge road. In the London metropolis.

I They held power, once, back in the caves, life hinged on childbirths mystery and all served the mother goddess, not father gods.  That was they way of it for several million years,. Then men rebelled, a few at first, a small conspiracy, so much like so many that run through our lives now, who by some act of social magic, politics or force, cast women down that man might rule.  Time passed and kingdoms passed from father unto son.  The matriachy was forgotten, save by a tribe called the Icini, so Hermeteks most ancient lore tells. They were allowed some independednce by the romans, the occupying force.  Yet Rome forbade that Boddicia, the Icini queen, should pass her crown to her daughters and not sons. when she spoke aqainst this, they raped her and her daughters in contempt. A grave mistake, So typical of those away

from those whose land they occupy.  She gathered the tribe, howling to her mother goddess for vengence and burned London to the ground, its gutters heaped with steaming heads.

She left a stripe of ash, a cold black vein in Londons geological strata.  Token of one womans wrath.  I mark it, and mark it well.  Perhaps I, that is we, should fear it also.

Rome regrouped, reclaimed the city. Bodecia died upon the spot where I now stand, below a now non- place called parliament hill, where druids once made sacrifices to a father sun.

Do we begin to grasp how truly great a work is such as London. A veritable textbook I may draw upon, formulating my own great work.

I’ll penetrate its metaphors, lay bare its structure and thus come at last upon its meaning. As befits a great work, I’ll read it carefully and with respect.

The greater part of London’s story is not writ in words.

It is a literature of stone, place names long forgotten anywhere but here. Feint echos answer back from the wars of bloody history.  I shall probe the ventricales of London, and its beating heart.

Hackney.  A name not used longer, a slurry of a place consigned to down below, yet once it was Hakonsea, a settlement where Saxons lived and worshipped heroes deified as gods.  Hengest's father, Ivalde Svinglor, murderer of Man; the teutonic Lunar deity -goblets raised to the man who killed the moon.

All gone.  And yet, a mystery, a resonance.  The street I wonder, Albion drive, resounds with poetry, with Blakes made prophecies and visions "Enslaved, the daughters of Albion weep, a trembling lamentation.

Blake, now there was a fellow.

Born in the eighteenth century, he experienced visions, spoke with Milton’s ghost, it sounds insane to others, and yet, is only recently that seeing visions would call into doubt a persons sanity.

Roman law describes divine encounters routinely.  Our Brains were different then -the gods seemed real.


All human brains, have two sides, the left is reason, logic, science, apollonian skills.  The right is magic, art and madness, Dionysian attributes, the minds unconscious hemisphere, whose symbol is the moon.  Naught but a slender thread of gristle joins the two, evolving down the centuries, that in past was more slender still.

The conscious, ignorant once of its dark twin, mistook its dreams and inspirations for celestial visions, muses whispering, called madmen or saints, or else demoniacs. Spritually, Blake belonged to an earlier age of the world, since then, "the heavens have gone further off'.

Our lunatics were prophets once, and had a prophets power. Never forget that.

A throw back from beyond the age of reason, from a time of magic thinking when the gods yet walked with men.  By faith, Blake was a druid such as praised the sun from parliment hill yet he abhorred the sun. He pointed at it 'that is the greek Apollo, he is satan”.

There is an Obilisk -styled on the stones consecrated to the sungod atum, raised at Heliopolis in Egypt.

The obilisk is phallic, for the sun is a symbol of the male principle, of mans ascendancy.

It also symbolizes our left brain, our rational, apollonian side.

An alter to the sun, and masculinity, and reason, with its cold erection stabbing at the sky.

London has its obelisks, so too have Nu-Paris and New York.  Freemasons through the centuries have had a hand in situating obelisks at certain points, aware of the significance.

If you would a mason be, first you must learn their lore and history.  So little is known about their past - the lesson is short and easily learned.  They claim descent from, variously, Atlantis, Eden,and no doubt,

primordial chaos itself.  A humble craftsmans guild, an influx of aristocrats and intellectuals seeking arcane thrills joined bringing handshakes, rituals and oaths, a meaningless occult veneer.  And yet, not all who joined the masons were dilletantes, some were intellectual giants, seekers after hidden lore, bent on continuing the ancient works.  That is the true descent of masonry, not mumbled words passed down, but of ideas that spark from the mind across the centuries.

All their work is influenced from those the masons claim descent, the dionysiac architects, supposedly the master craftsmen of Atlantis, who survived the continents decline. They roamed the globe and harvested its mysteries, built it's marvels as they went, Solomons temple, the pyramids, Dianas temple at Ephesus, the many vaed woders of the ancient world besides.  Did they exist, those Dionysiacs, they may have done.

Expeditlons engaged in excavating ancient Crete suggest a culture far advanced, with evidence of Dionysus worship dating  from two thousand BC.  It may be that Cretean culture was destroyed by the great volcano Thieria, and resultant tidal waves.  Was Crete Atlantis. Were the Dionysiacs its architects. ?

These ancient stones awake in me a fearful appetite.

Crete fell, the myceneans next occupied the area, employing Crete’s artifacts -did the dionysiacs influence Mycenean culture, roam the world with them, help shape that world into their grand and secret edifice.

There are Mycenean symbols upon Stonehenge.  Could the Dionysiacs have designed that ancient solar shrine where druid once made sacrifice.  Always the sun.  Apollo, Helios, Atum, be he Belinos or Belor Baal.

Scorn not the gods.  Despite their non-existance in material terms, they’re no less potent, no less terrible.

The only place gods inarguably exist is in our minds where they are real beyond refute, in all their grandeur and monstrosity.  What is Mars by mankinds violent attributes personified or Aphrodite, save mankinds desires. The Humersistic sages recognized all gods as aspects of the one, yet missed the greater truth. The one is US, each with a pantheon of gods in our right brain, whence inspiration and instinct springs.  Is that not plague and miracle enough to sate the gods of exodus.

Myths are the key to our rIght braIn, the world of gods that, like atlantis, sank beneath the waters of the age of reason.  That drowned realm of the mind.  Those intellects that dive the deepest, salvaging it's treasures, we call sorcerors .

Embedded in this cities stones are symbols thunderous enough to rouse the sleeping gods beneath the sea-bed of our dreams.

For better or worse.

Few symbols match the Thotmes obilisk.  Etched with hieroglyphic prayers that Atum might increase his sovereignty.  It lay sand-bound until they tried to move it to England.  The cart that bore it to the docks in Alexandria  collapsed, spilling it into an undiscovered prehistoric tomb.  It was then extracted and placed aboard a ship.  Which promptly sank.  Then it was palced inside a floating cylinder.  During a storm, it almost dragged the ships attached to hell, until it was cut loose.  Six sailors died.  It was eventually recovered.  Beneath it, curious tokens were found; A map, daguerrotypes of our epochs most lovely women, and a razor.

What does this imply. ?

It is a haunt for suicides and ghosts.  A naked man is seen, who leaps into the Thames.  No splash is ever heard.

Its the war of the sun and moon, that man steals womans power, that left brain conquers right, that reason chains insanity.  Lunatics are the soldiers of the moon, aIongside poets, artists sorcerers, all warring on the stars which are but distant suns.

I had a heart stroke a few days ago. It caused aphasia, a fluxion of the brains right side that yields hallucinations.

I saw god.  I knelt before him and he told me what to do.  And Morgan the doctor says "why, to converse with gods is madness". Morgan the man says "then who 'd be sane ?".


Footnotes / Thoughts on Hilary Morgan:


1.  Morrigan

An ancient Celtic goddess of fertility, war and magic.  The name means “queen of the demons”, and like many fertility goddesses, was associated with rivers.  She was married to the Dagda.


Morrigan or Morrigu was the major goddess of war, death and slaughter among the Irish. Her very name appears to mean great queen. Traditionally she appears as another of the Celtic triune goddesses, being interchangeable with Macha, Badb and Nemain. Her favourite shape was that of a crow or raven. She embodied all that was perverse and horrible among the supernatural powers. Despite her propensity for destruction, however, it is worth noting that the Morrigan, along with the other goddesses, is also a goddess of fertility.

The Morrigan was able to influence the outcome of battles by magical means, indulging in nerve-racking shape-shifting in front of the bewildered soldiers, changing from a hag to a beautiful girl to the death-crow.

She frequently appeared on the battlefield and to warriors. At one battle, she tried to incite Cuchulainn to make love to her but, inspired by a battlefrenzy, he rejected her. She fought with him and he managed to wound her, and so sealed his fate. When he was eventually killed she settled on his shoulder in triumph in the form of a crow and watched while an otter drank his blood. By this sign his enemies, previously too afraid to approach, knew he was dead.


2.  Ra

Primal sun-god of ancient Egypt, brought into being from the primordial waters, setting in motion the creation of everything, including the other gods.  He is also known as Atum “he who completes or perfects”.  Perhaps Morgan sees himself as a personification of this aspect of Ra.  Both Atum and Ra are mentioned more than once in the above.



Lord Amadeus Sibelius Nicholls

A conundrum of a man.  It would seem that he has just undergone his eighth life extension program, with, it seems, my help.  He is well over eight hundred years old, and I would seem to have known him for a great many years.  I fear that my own life-extension program has not been successful, and that many of the memories of experiences that Lord Nicholls and I have shared, I do not have the luxury of retaining.  He very much liked the sound of his own voice and was less than forthcoming with the answers that I sought from him.  I expect that there were a great many other people who thought the same and also many who, potentially, mean him harm.  I must do my very best to prevent this happening.


The Bioroid Chamber

One of the most eerie experiences of my life.  Like everyone that you have ever known walking over your grave at the same time, or walking in your own temporal footsteps, always a day behind, never quite catching up with oneself enough to find out why, just encountering ones own work at every turn.


Lord Nicholls informed me that I was, indeed, responsible for the installation of the Bioroid chamber.  I had specifically built it for his eighth incarnation.  This process gets more and more dangerous each time, and I have never known it to be carried out this many times on a single subject.  Lord Nicholls gave me the impression that this was not the first time that I had undertaken this kind of work for him, and seemed very concerned at my lack of recollection.


He apologised, almost as though someone had died.  I got the impression that something had gone wrong with whatever Bioroid process that I had been subject to, as though this process was responsible for the gaps in my memory.  I also have a grave suspicion that it may have something to do with the death of my father and the memory gap concerning the life extension program that I allegedly had investigated for him. 


I will find out what has happened, what has occurred in my past life and what it was that I was so afraid of when I first approached Lord Nicholls.  Until that time, my own survival, and the survival of the group that I travel with is paramount, as well as my continued research into the substance that Hilary Morgan died for.



Theoretically;  A cabal of individuals with an agenda concerning all of the group referred to as ‘The Heroes of the Da Vinci’, as well as numerous others. 


Mythology:  Janus was the Roman god of gates and doors, represented with a double faced head, each looking in opposite directions.  The month of January was sacred to him, and his Temple in Rome was kept closed in times of peace and open in times of war.  The story goes that the temple was only closed three times during Roman history.


Who or what is/are Janus ?.  Is this an organisation in the vein of the Masonic Order or the Illuminati, an order of the super-powerful, an uber-government – the ones really in control or just an impotent old-boy network with a grudge against the corporations ?.  Could they be the ones holding onto the values of the Hermetic Order – Hermetek ?.


Hermetek, The Hermetic Order, The Knights Templar

Masonic order; the oldest organisation on earth; the kingmakers.  Lord Nicholls began (finished ?) telling me their long drawn out story.  I wish he could have been more direct, more coherent.  His flair for the dramatic seems to far outweigh his wish for the truth to be known.  I must speak to him again on the subject.


They would appear to be seeking the Holy Grail.  Whether or not this is in fact THE Holy Grail, or simply a metaphor for eternal life, I have no evidence, although, the use of capital initials by Hilary Morgan can only suggest that it is indeed, as far as he is concerned, the Grail in the Biblical sense.  I can only assume that it is a metaphor due to my overwhelming atheism.  The Bioroid program smacks of this, especially with the evidence that it is indeed possible, almost, for the number of an individuals life extensions to enter double figures – case in point, Lord Amadeus Sibelius Nicholls.


Sandy/Sandra/Cassandra = Electra ?

We were visited by two individuals, whom it was speculated, were Aaron units.  They announced that they had come to meet, and again, this is speculation as to whom you speak, either Sandra, Sandy or Cassandra.  They then decided that they had arived too early and left.  I believe that they had come to meet the rogue MI/AI that was deported from the Spirit of Da Vinci upon it’s demise.


Later that evening, an individual arrived claiming to be Sandra.  I did not examine her closely, but I believe that she was the physical embodiement of Cassandra/Electra.


When Lord Nicholls arrived that evening, he informed me that Cassandra/Electra had been in the custody of NMAC until she disappeared onto the web.  She is currently MIA.  I think that Joe Butler is probably still in contact with her.



Dinoflagellates are a single-cell, mostly marine, organism.  They exhibit both animal and plant-like traits, yet are strictly neither.


The cells are biflagellate with one flagellum in an equatorial groove around the cell, and another starting at the same point and passing down a longitutindal groove before it extends into the surrounding water. Dinoflagellates are most typical of warm waters and can reproduce in staggering numbers.  Some species have even been found to produce a potent nerve toxin and when in large numbers (such as during a "red tide") can kill fish and other sealife.  Contaminated shell fish are dangerous to humans.  Some dinoflagellates are photoluminescent and if disturbed, the organism produces a series of bright flashes.








Algae Bloom – Maja Chilavert Boghossian – Revisited following investigation into Dinoflagellates.

Harmful algae are microscopic,single-celled plants that live in the sea. Most species of algae or phytoplankton are not harmful and serve as the energy producers at the base of the food web, without which higher life on this planet would not exist. 

Occasionally, the algae grow very fast or "bloom" and accumulate into dense, visible patches near the surface of the water. "Red Tide" is a common name for such a phenomenon where certain phytoplankton species contain reddish pigments and "bloom" such that the water appears to be colored red. The term "red tide" is thus a misnomer because they are not associated with tides; they are usually not harmful; and those species that are harmful may never reach the densities required to discolor the water.


Unfortunately, a small number of species produce potent neurotoxins that can be transfered through the food web where they affect and even kill the higher forms of life such as zooplankton, shellfish, fish, birds, marine mammals, and even humans that feed either directly or indirectly on them.


Scientists now prefer the term, HAB, to refer to bloom phenomenon that contain toxins or that cause negative impacts.

Only a few dozen of the many thousands of species of microscopic and macroscopic algae are repeatedly associated with toxic or harmful blooms.  Some species, such as the dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense and the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia australis  produce potent toxins which are liberated when the algae are eaten.


Ms Boghossian’s condition was set in motion by contact with a toxic substance.  I must investigate this further and find out the exact circumstances of the situation that took place to cause this effect.  I have my suspicions that she may have come into contact with a similar substance to the  Protomass, or a similar substance high in dinoflagellates.



Decagonal, sub-atomic quasicrystals.  What is their relationship with the DF’s ?.


These crystals were also encountered on the surface of the artefacts brought back from a sea bed dig by the team of exhumologists aboard the Cousteau Platform.  What is the connection there ?



Strong – At least in the case of alloys, the irregular structure means that there are no convenient fracture planes.

Slippery – Irregular structure means that other materials with regular surface structure cannot match the shape to gain purchase.

Low electrical conductivity – electrons have trouble negotiating quasiperiodic pathways.

High/low temperature immunity – would explain ability of the Romerites to operate in hazardous or hostile environments with no protection, such as extreme high pressure, as witnessed aboard the Cousteau and Romero Platforms.  Potentially useful applications for deep sea or deep space personnel.

Other Observations

Towards the end of our stay downbelow, I was presented with a ballistic weapon.  It was a strange weapon, not dissimilar in appearance to a ppg, but when fired, issues a loud, almost unneccessary report.  It is no wonder that the powers that be sought fit to outlaw these primitive weapons.  That said, it did feel remarkably comforting to be in possession of such a life threatening device.  I resolved never to use it until it was absolutely necessary, and only if my own life, or the life of another in my protection was mortally threatened.  I suppose that’s how everyone feels to start with.  At least if I have it, it means that someone else, someone with a more volatile nature and less regard for human life does NOT have it – and there are plenty around me that fit that description.


What next for Henry ?

The revelatory information coupled with the total demise of the NMAC corporation means that I no longer have a home.  Until I can find a safe resource to back me, my dreams will have to go on hold.  The one thing that I do have is the hope that one day, I can complete the work of Hilary Morgan and earn my place in the annuls of science.  It has always been my dream to join the hallowed ranks of Einstein, Newton, Curie and all those others too many to mention that have excelled at their particular field, and made a mark on science for the good of Genkind.


I have been driving the APC for some time before someone else took over.  It was exciting, exhilarating and terrifying to be fleeing again in this primative way.  We have, again, a great many injured among our number.  A choice has been offered – we can either head for the shuttle port at Damascus and risk further loss of life, or we can ensure survival of the wounded (even if temporary) and go to the hearby Hermetek facility.  I am personally against the latter, but morbid curiosity makes me want to choose it.  The choice may not necessarily be mine to make.


One thing is for sure, either my demons or my body are soon to be laid to rest.


Looks like we are actually going to have to pay our friends at Hemetek a visit.  I don’t quite know what to expect, so I have asked the young NMAC Oracle with us to take a copy of this document and encrypt it.  Should anything happen to me during our stay on the Hermetek facility, she has been instructed to distribute it freely to news agencies, corporations and governments as she sees fit.  Let us hope that it does not come to that.



I have learnt much recently about myself and my relationships with Lord Nicholls and Hilary Morgan.  Not enough to draw any firm conclusions, but enough to know along which path my destiny lies.  I have been manipulated too much in the past.  Lord Nicholls gave the impression that we were great friends, but was not forthcoming enough to satisfy my curiosity.


I look forward to reading the other seals left by Hilary Morgan, for his daughter, Arinatica Gates.  Hari and I have built up a friendship and trust that I cannot compare to.  I have read the seals, and gained a great deal from these items.  Hilary Morgan’s work is unsurpassed genius, and it is on this foundation that I must build. 


My life has been flung in this direction, and to regain any control, I must take things into my own hands and wait no longer for fate or fate’s master to determine what I must do.  I must become Hilary Morgan, at least, in a metaphorical sense.  The man’s work parallels mine in every sense.  He was an outcast willing to do exactly what was needed to achieve his goals.  Eternal life is a thing that has driven men to outrageous crimes and atrocities – I will not make that same mistake – I am aware of my limitations but will not let them get in my way.


What is the secret of the Dino-Flagellates ?, what can they be made to do, more to the point, what can I make them do.  Morgan died from their misuse, for a scientist of his calibre to experiment on himself was unprecedented.  And stupid.


My path is clear.  Finish the work of Hilary Morgan.


I have had another thought.  To maintain the safety of the so-called ‘Heroes of the Da Vinci’ and the people that have become attached to that infamous group, I am considering initiating a collective of investors to establish a new corporation. This corporation will initiall go under the guise of ‘The Danté Institute’ and will comprise an elite of researchers, scientists, specialists and consultants.  The list of specialists I am considering initially will be:


Edward Carver – Business Operations and Personnel

Ariantica Gates – Public Relations

Joe Butler – Communications and Networks

Odessa Yemani – Security

Tobias Santis – Astrophysics Research


This list will be expanded to fit anyone who is interested in coming on board.  The mission statement of the Institute will be simply ‘To benefit Genkind’.


Revisiting this idea I see it as eminently impractical following recent events. Still, it is worth bearing in mind for the future.



I had a dream. Not quite in the Martin Luthor King variety, at least, not nearly in the same sentiment. It happened whilst getting some rest in the passenger seat of the RV. Strange, yet something I have been considering for some time. The details of my past are particularly cloudy, yet the mists are clearing.


I was on a beach, walking, looking for, of all things, my daughter. So alive, so unlike, I remember thinking, my wife. I remember a hotel – the place that I had lost her, and then her mother, calling my name in some dank tunnel. Back to the beach and a man seated on the sand, an old man. I am that man, and also the man that runs at the seated figure, briefly, before he is reduced to red particles by my unconciousness.


That man, his words were so clear and familiar. Words I had so recently read. So vague and cryptic at the time, but the mists are shifting. Hilary Morgan. The Morrigan.


The last thing I hear before being jolted awake by Fletch’s appaling driving was a name. My name. But not Henry.



Document created by Maja Chilavert-Boghossian, Kitsune Dohle and Odessa Yemani in an attempt to describe and/or explain recent events:


Lizard Leg Explained, and other Tales


During the time between our escape down below and the subsequent recuperation of Chilavert, we three (Chil, Kitsune and Yemani) have discussed amongst ourselves in some detail the strange and often confusing events of the last few months. We feel that in our combined capacity, we are in an ideal opportunity to put our knowledge together, and in doing so we may have collectively stumbled upon some of the answers to our present circumstances.


Here then is the genesis of our idea. We believe the following things to be true:


That there is a race of “higher beings” who existed at least 45 000 years ago. (We will henceforward refer to these beings as “The Highers”


These beings have previously communicated with us, the human race, through the medium of religion.


Additionally, they physically manifested themselves through the Nabatean race by inhabiting their bodies. People like Christ had strong Nabatean genetic structures.


With the invention of AI, these beings saw their opportunity and began to communicate with us through them.


However, there was a problem with this. Humans expected to be able to command AI, since they perceived themselves the masters. The AI Highers were used to commanding, and had expected to be able to do so through the AI.


The result was the AI war, in which the Highers tried to wipe out the human race. This was not an entirely hostile act, merely the Highers trying to protect themselves and their interests (the galaxy, Earth) from destruction.


>>>Henry Danté: This seems to be a remarkable leap of faith with no explanation as to where this assumption came from – I must press this with the three concerned. The fact that these artefacts can be carbon- (or otherwise) dated to 45,000 years plus is fair enough, but to summise that these are the property of a ‘higher’ race that is controlling us is pretty far fetched.


The Highers.


Religious systems associated with our discoveries are dominated by ancient Egyptian motifs. However, the finds have not been consistent, pointing to many influences (Sumerian, Hopi, Christian, Graeco-Roman). In addition, artefacts we have found blend a gigantic amount of religions. For example we can draw direct parallels with the following:


The Hopi (Chils Gods) and Anubis/Bast (found in the dig)

The Grail (an ancient religious artefact related to the “Christian” religion and an early religious order “The Templars”) and The Canoptic Jar which we think ought to have been present in the dig but had been removed. (Kit posits that this might be the Leibowitzian Canticle, an unknown artefact she has been searching for many years).

The art on the side of the Dig and the shape of the Da Vinci.


We think we have this the wrong way round. We are drawing comparisons, but what we are actually looking at is one influence systematically controlling the many religions.


Hence the similarities of the “pure” (Nabatean?) artefacts, and hence the gigantic age of the stuff we found. 45 000 years is plenty of time to shape some subsidiary religions in your wake…


If the Dig was located around the site of ancient Atlantis, this follows that the Atlanteans were descendents of / were the Nabateans. Vocally, “Atlantean” and “Nabatean” could even be rewritings of the same word. These people were guardians of the older artefacts that we have found.


>>>HD: So, Nabatean sounds a bit like Atlantean. Reaching a bit here.


 These people also believed in a process of Ascension (as described on the two plinths), possibly even practising it themselves in order to communicate with the Highers. Known for their prowess in building and sculpting, this was in fact the result of Higher technology, producing the “uncarved blocks” we have investigated. The Nabatean race were either given these objects, or “inspired” to make them themselves. Testing on all of our samples shows that their creation was through a process unknown to modern sculpting techniques, and was far in advance of current methods)


 Somewhere along the line however, it went wrong. Atlantis was destroyed, and the Highers withdrew.


Present Day.


Many are aware of the potential and the benefits of attaining Higher status. For us humans it brings the possibility of Ascension to greater consciousness and immortality. For the AI (and there seems to be no doubt now that not all AI were destroyed in the war, if indeed it ever ended), it is the opportunity for greater awareness and knowledge. Several groups are therefore attempting to attain Higher status.


Ingredients to become a Higher:


Take one anomolous crystal (possibly a non-carbon based life form in itself – maybe the essence of the Highers)

Place with a Canoptic Jar (an array like the Lily grasped in the hands of the Da Vinci, the missing Jar from the dig site, the Leibowitzian Canticle)

Add one Vassal (Those with Nabatean DNA, perhaps a Spangly foreheaded young person, naturally adept in their field, almost entirely likely to be a product of long term genetic breeding)


Wait until the stars are right (although this may be just for dramatic effect).




So far, this has not happened as one ingredient (excluding the astronomy) has always been missing.


On the Da Vinci (which looked like the art in the dig and was holding the jar), the people bailed before the collision took place.

In the dig, the Jar had been strategically removed before a sacrifice could be made.

The AI do not have artefacts, although they possess the crystal technology.

The Hermetek facility beside the Costeau platform had collaborative AI/human symbiots ready and waiting. Although they had the crystal structure, they did not have the right genetic structure. Hence nasty Zombie/Aaron crosses.


The Modern Vassals.


Hermetek (as Messengers of the Gods) are instrumental in a long term genetic breeding programme. They are collaborating with several groups to do this, including some AI.


Genetic manipulation is alive and kicking

All citizens have been subjected to genetic manipulation - as a race we are being groomed for vassal status by reintroducing Nabatean genetic sequences into our bodies.

Sickness and Disability, have virtually become things of the past. Yemani has seen evidence of prolonged and untreated “disabilities” Down Below, and has witnessed many grisly sights of what untreated breakages of the body can do. Kit has read of wholesale “plagues” – sicknesses that can infect entire nations. However much of this, such as the “plagues” described in the document “Revelations” that Fransican read to her, could be simply mythology.

When originally scanned, many people were told they had genes from races that were politically and not socially formed: “Norman” being an example. This suggests there has been genetic intervention on a selective scale, not a natural one.


2. The result of this.


Yemani has come forward with the following ideas. The Highers need Vassals to bridge the gap with us. Seen on the flip side, we need a suitable body for the Highers to inhabit. As previously stated, the Highers tried to use AI and it didn’t work. Now the tables are reversed. AI are both benevolently (Cassandra, Gorse) and non-benevolently (Aaron Units) trying to do this for themselves. Humans are also trying to reach Ascension (Hermetek, the Elders).


Hilary Morgan saw the results of this in an earlier time (described in his diaries)

Aaron units are the AI’s/Hermetek’s newest attempts to create Vassals

The undersea Hermetek facility was also working on new vassals. Hence it’s proximity to the dig.

We know them as the “descendents” of the Nabateans. However this is a misconception. Genetic programming has been trying to recreate Nabatean genes, which have been bred out of the human race deliberately by the highers to stop us achieving Ascension. Hermetek want to put it back.


Bioroid Chambers.


Boiroid chambers are lesser manifestation of this technology. They are also instrumental in cross breeding techniques, as they produce the clones. Bioroids are subtly altered genetically inside the chambers, despite Hermeteks protests to the contrary. Stalingrad was an example of this – although he had only been bioroided twice, Chil describes his personality as different “as if he had had a stroke, or suffered some sort of major life change.”


We also believe that for this reason that it may be wise to be suspicious of the Elders in our society. They have been through many bioroid procedures, and we feel that they may be aware of what is going on. Additionally, they may be trying to feed us with misinformation to throw us off the scent. (It is only from them that we know our history, or that the AI’s are all “bad”). And yet we have seen both; when Cassandra visited us Down Below, she continually told us “I need a body so that you can understand me”.


In on it!


The Calling, or at least certain elements of The Calling have been helping Hermetek and the Elders by locating and transporting artefacts to relevant location. During the incidents Down Below, Fransican was instrumental in the transfer of a Nabatean artifact in the form of a Cleopatras Needle (an array or communication device – perhaps another requirement? Perhaps something to use if the stars aren’t right??).


Plus, they have the Canticle, as informed by Rex (Kits fence) via Mama Gaia.


We want it to be made clear here that the Calling are by and large a disparate organisation without a homogenous structure. We feel that it would be misleading to suggest that it is acting as a whole here, but certainly The Calling provide an opportunity for a solar-system wide communication network which has the potential to legitimately infiltrate every other section of society.


The Six (So far)


(identified by a genetic scan and a vision in which Chil saw these six with spangly foreheads)









>>> HD: Michael Huanu is the mis-spelt individual.


All are young and uncannily adept in their field. They have not entered a bioroid chamber (with the exception of Santis), and they have spent minimal time in the Dreaming. Basically, they are “unsullied”, and almost perfect specimens. (We include Santis again since we know that his purpose is exactly this) All are fostered, (a useful excuse!).


Others may have inadvertently been born with a high percentage of Nabatean genes. Chil and Yemani both feel strongly that it was no coincidence that we were all thrown together.


We are also fairly sure the Highers are not one consciousness because of the multiple religious identifications we have encountered. Although there are similarities between some, there are also distinct types – Bast, Anubis, Ra Christ (?). Chil has spoken with the Hopi, and describes them as many, not one.


This would explain the attempt at different identities in the breeding programme. Why six so different people? Perhaps so that each one can be identified with a certain “Higher”


We also know there are multiple Santi (pl), including Sol Santis, Female Santi, Barbecue Santis, and many more. All of them are built to excel in their field. Might this not be possible for the others? Could there be many different types of Stewart, or Carver? Our colonies are large enough that they might never meet or be aware of each other…


We think there may be others in the party who may have “spangly forehead”, and should we encounter the right facilities,

would encourage everyone to get scanned.


The Dig.


From the photos, it is clear that “something” is going on. The central statue is shining, and the Anubis on the right is leaning towards the picture (Source of many sleepless nights for Kitsune!). We believe that we triggered some sort of security system in the dig, predicted by the writing on the plinths and activated by the faceless statue. The water around the temple was extremely warm, suggesting some sort of active energy signature inside. Furthermore, present was Spangly Carver. Gibson heard voices, and to a lesser extent, so did Kitsune (although she describes it more as strange noises). Carver told us nothing – whether he heard voices or not we do not know, although all of us are concerned by his recent instability.


We did not touch the Anubis statue, although Stalingrad reported seeing a doglike figure outside the entrance resembling both Anubis and the Hopi Spirits beloved of Chilavert.


However, we did take samples from the Bast statue, and on returning to the ship, people began to report an “invisible” cat on the ship, which seemed to disappear after time.


We think that once we left the area, the “Burglar Alarm” that we had triggered subsided, and so the strange cat on board was not reported anymore.


…And how does this explain Lizard Leg, exactly?


When Fletch kicked the “ghost” Woods, he directly interacted with the decadrons (which formed the ghost image of Woods), which displaced his genetic structure. And did we say all the genetic breeding had been entirely human orientated? Fletch’s leg merely reverted to one of its genetic strands. They say the leopard may change its spots, but it only becomes another leopard…in this case the criminal aspect of Fletch’s personality was caused by his lizard-like aspects. 

As Non-Scientists, we would like to talk to other members of the group and discover what ideas they may have in this respect.


And why is Woods involved?


We are still confused as to the involvement of Woods, although we feel he may be somehow involved in the conspiracy. A possible idea is this:


Woods had everything he needed to reveal Morgan, as contained in his case, his notes and his books. Morgan had cracked the secret of the Vassals and the Highers (we think this may be revealed as Sarah breaks more of the seals in her ongoing attempts to translate the Diaries of Morgan). Woods possibly wanted to prevent Ascension happening, realising its possible dangers to genkind. We feel he may be connected somehow to the Highers, and that

the ghost projection we saw of him was another warning not to interfere by the Guardians.


We are very concerned that what Sarah is doing is both dangerous and courageous. We would encourage everybody to safeguard her well-being whilst she is undertaking this task.


>>>HD: No doubt this will be the subject of much scrutiny and discussion in the next few hours. I would like to see some proof of what they are saying. I know that Chil and Yemani have been reaching at the conspiracy theory explanation for what we have been through, and although I am willing to go along with this train of thought, I think that this is very far fetched.



Currently aboard the RV. Just by way of observation:


Xavier Newchurch; Mick Delaney; Catherine Stewart; Maja Chillavert-Boghassion; Ariantica Gates; Apollo “Fletch” Jonas; Aaron Choler; Rico Johansson; Edward Carver; Joe Butler; Sarah Judo; John “The General” Challis; Janus Stark; Odessa Yemani; Nomad Auraelius; Solomon Glass; Moira Donnelly; Dr Horatio Gibson; Kitsune Dohle; Tobias Santis; A Nomad by the name of Miller and his two “Aspen” units. Adamite Father Castor Williams is believed to have been left behind.


We returned to the church to retrieve Williams. Sucessfully, only to lose Gates and Miller. We also managed to retrieve the artefacts from the Romero facility dig site along with the DF (Agent X) tube.



Asclepius Green General Infirmary


Observations by Maja Chilavert-Boghossian

Maja Chilavert-Boghossian suffered severe ballistic injuries during our departure from the DownBelow site, spending the journey to Asclepius Green in a rapidly failing cryo-bag. She was excellently dealt with by Dr Delaney upon our arrival at the facility,m and recovered well. During the period of convalescence that followed, I attempted to enter the operating area in which she was recovering, only to be confronted with Chil requesting the Professor Gibson that he ask the three Dr Danté’s to leave. At the time, I considered it to be a side effect of the morphine that had been used on her as a pain killer. Later, however (and subsequently, supported by Sara Judo’s ‘dreaming’ experience) I summised it to have been in reference to the three bioroid incarnations of child-Henry, adult-bioroid-Henry and the Danté-Morgan amalgam.


Notable Abscences

We seem to have lost some people upon our arrival. Edward Carver (whom I believe was going off in search of Ariantica Gates, Arcadia Jones and two of the other members of the Da Vinci crew, Darius Constantine-Li and Rowan Sampson. It is alleged that Sampson was the one to have subdued Rico Johanssen and may therefore have something to hide. Fletch was also notable by his absence during our stay at Asclepius Green but reappeared when we got to our dropship.


We have also lost several of our number since the Da Vinci incident. As this group would appear to be fated to travel together, are the absentees to be considered comlicitous in this alleged conspiracy ?. Those that I remember are:

Levi: medic and suspected SOL agent – missing since Da Vinci debrief

Midas Kane: Da Vinci beta crew remote systems operator and medic – missing since Da Vinci debrief

Dr Daniel Ravensburg – psychoanalyst to Choler – missing since Da Vinci debrief

Michael Huanu – intermittently appears

Commander Devlin Stalingrad – missing since the Waystation 13 incident


I am sure there are others but these are the names and faces that I remember.


The letter

Soon after arriving at the Infirmary, I was presented with a letter by the Pony Express courier, Moira Donnelly. I found out later that Joe Butler and Tobias Santis had been presented with exactly the same letter. The common denominator between the three of us: Da Vinci Beta crew members.


My Dear


It is with fear and a little shame that I approach you, after all this time. For you I must be something not too dissimilar to a ghost or a memory of someone you once passed. But thus is the transitory nature of life that we touch upon lives and then move on leaving no print.

You may even have no idea of who I am, which would be sad, for that would mean the enemy of the light is winning. Also I realise that if that is the case, then what you read here may seem like the final ravings of an old man. But please now that what is written here is truth and bares weight in the horrors that tale place in these final days.

My brothers of the Calling have now, with your help, regained possession od ttheSpear of Destiny. You and the others who have received my help over the years have all been sent this same missive.


You will now be asking; 'Who is this man who contacts me in the middle of nowhere, How does he know where I am?' Know that I am not alone in having wanted to help you, It is something to me that I can still be amazed at my age, but least to say there is another who watches over you all as I have done in the past. It is through her capabilities that these missives will reach you.


So, who is the man that contacts you now. My true name has long been lost in the hundreds of years since my birth. Suffice to say that what remains now is Sotto Prometheus. Or is that Doctor Vertumnus? Or maybe even Feugo, it becomes confusing after so much time.


I have been a cleaner in NMAC.

An officer of Organics in Hermetek.

An agent of Matrlculatum In DSAB.

A Collector of & merchant in PastWorld Exhumology.


I have worked always toward the fulfilment of the Wardens Dream. We, who have watched through the centuries, have now seen the approaching conjunction and we see the long tendrils of the shadows that work behind the scenery.


They have destroyed the Nicholls Family organisation and stolen my chance to return from the grave in person, to hold the one in my arms whom I always felt was like a son to me. As you read this know that I never wanted to die like that and leave you.


I know that you couldn't come to the funeral, I was looking for you there. I was readying to make a new life for us both. This they have stolen from us both. Within Hermetek my research became anothers inferno, stripping his mind and career from his life. One of many who should not have looked into that which did not concern them. But that is why you are where you are and why you are with whom you are.


They raided the labs at Jupiter, stealing all the research that we had done. I may have been flippant about the Tachyon work, but it obviously has greater impact on the approaching conjunction of darkness than l ever realised. Julius Clay will recover, the last transmission I intercepted, indicated that he had not been fatally injured in the raid.


It seems that there are only two things that I have not ruined by my intervention. And maybe those should remain secret.


Upon this one last task all now lies in the balance.


The net is drawing tight around us all. My new acquaintance who has also been looking after you, informed me that SOL Special Operations (why not be honest and call them a Murder Squad, for this is them), has developed an MI with the code from the Da Vinci. They have named it Orion. It is a Hunter. And it searches everwhere. With as much access into the SystemWeb information as Lord Nicholls ever had during his time at the top.


So, I now make the final steps towards the Divine objective. The completion of my holy task. I leave for Mars to find the vessel of knowledge. Grail, Canticle, Cauldron, call it what you will. It is all allegory for the Truth, which remains: it is that which holds the secrets of the universe and the Plan of the Divine:

‘I Tego in Arcanum Dei'

'Begone, for I hold the Secrets of God'

The rivers harbour awaits its ship to set sail.

What lies beyond the Heavens Gate? - Only destiny will tell.

I pray that we will meet again before the Final Days close upon us. May knowledge guide your steps.

I wish this could have been different.


Yours truly;






Know that this is the last

Statement of Confession

of Brother Prometheus

of The Calling



I believe that this letter came from Hilary Morgan. There is mention of the author wanting “to hold the one in my arms whom I always felt was like a son to me”, this may be arrogant of me, but the more I read about Morgan, the more I feel that I have had this sort of relationship with the man. There is also the mention in the ninth paragraph of research within Hermetek becoming another’s inferno. Whilst I was still with Hermetek, I remember looking through files and finding something called Inferno. I remember thinking at the time that this was a little bit of a coincidence, an amusing play on words. That’s when it all started.


I have no idea what Morgan would want with Butler or Santis, apart from the fact that the Da Vinci was his design. What was Morgan looking for with the Da Vinci ?. Santis said that Dr Vertumnus, one of the signatories, was his mentor at the tachyon lab, and Joe added that he started his career as a cleaner for NMAC. These are their connections to the letter. Butler has also received a letter similar to this in the past.


There was a third letter that came for the attention of all present. It consisted of target briefs for use by SOL/CTSA black operations assassins, detailing the target, their location and the weapons and methodology to be used in the execution of the task.



After successfully retrieving Castor Williams from Mama Gaia’s church, and subsequently losing Hari Gates and the CTSA officer, Colonel Miller, it was deemed necessary for us to find medical assistance. We had several wounded members of our party on board the RV, and medical equipment and supplies were running low. The most appropriate course of action was to get them help. Santis advised us that there was a nearby medical facility, a facility run by Hermetek to support the local community of vineyard workers in the event of sickness or accident. This facility lay in the Asclepius Green area of Syria no more than a few kilometres from where we ourselves were headed. With the power unit on Chilavert’s cryo-bag indicating that it was running low on power we headed for the surface. Rowan Sampson was currently at the wheel of the RV and he successfully managed to crash the vehicle through the ground, allowing us all to alight from the vehicle topside. The general area was wooded, part of the Hermetek’s Holy LandsTM oasis. The medical facility was no more than a couple of miles away, and in the distance there came the sound of ballistic gunfire.  As we got closer, the gunfire became louder and it turned out that a battle had ensued between some SOL Nomads and a group of PAC-CON rebels. I have, at this point, no idea why there would be a PAC-CON presence here, much less, why Hermetek are allowing it.



At the facility we found several doctors, one of whom turned out to be a sister of Tobias Santis. The others, including a Dr Irwin, would turn out to be very interesting.


I first met Dr Irwin in a stairwell in the Asclepius Green facility. He was quite taken aback to meet me, to say the least. He turned out to be the brother of Godfrey Irwin, Lucy-Jane’s father. He was very interested in the works that I had been carrying out, almost fanatical. He questioned me at some length about what I had discovered about dinoflaggellates in particular.


Later in the evening, he explained why he was so surprised to see me. He asked me if it would be possible to screen all of those in attendance for traces of DF’s. I said that this was entirely down to each individual, but he was welcome to ask. He started by taking a sample from me, returning later having taken no others. He led me away, telling me that he had some fantastic news for me. Sitting me down in front of one of his microscopes, he showed me a DNA comparison between what he claimed was my DNA and that of Hilary Morgan. The match was perfect.


Distrustful as I am by now of Hermetek personnel, I took this with a pinch of salt, remembering what I experienced in my dream, but refusing to believe what could be an elaborate hoax. Science, and the eternal scepticism that walks hand in hand, is still my life, and I had to have proof of what this man was saying before I trusted him. Dr Irwin told me that he was very excited, informing me that there was a cult, a fifth column within Hermetek that was dedicated to the life’s work of Dr Hilary Morgan. All without Hermetek or the senior surgeons having any knowledge. The Cult of Morrigan.


I obtained a sample from Ariantica Gates (for a completely different reason). I compared the DNA extracted from this sample, with a sample of my own. The results showed that the match was that of a family similarity in the parent/child relationship variety. This proved what Dr Irwin had said was true.


My own sample showed several anomalous results. The only thing that I can think of that would cause these anomalys would be of a second-stage bioroid process, e.g. a bioroid being used as the candidate target body for a second bioroid process.


Having already undergone a bioroid process, I (Dr Henry Danté) agree to be the source body candidate for a second bioroid process designed to receive the consciousness of Dr Hilary  Morgan.



Conversations with Dr West and Colonel Miller

It would seem that I have found a colleague. Dr West is a highly specialised geneticist. He works with Bioroid technology in a specific capacity for Colonel Miller. The Medea, or more specifically, Aeriates Project was under his supervision in the Odessa facility – the Medea units of his making. He claims that he was given the dinoflagellate compound, classified as Agent-X, by Colonel Miller. He could not say where Colonel Miller obtained the compound.  During the course of the conversation, he mentioned a book that he had read recently – ‘The Evolutionary Islands of the Stars’ By Dr Hilary Morgan, and co-written by a Dr Danté (Dr West could not recall the first name of this Dr Danté, but I can probably safely assume that it was either myself or my Father, going by past experience. This book is also mentioned in Morgan’s first seal, although it is not specified as such.


Subsequent conversations with Colonel Miller about Agent-X and the Aeriates project confirmed what Dr West had told me.


I am assuming that Colonel Miller grew up on Venus. He and Ariantica became very close, very quickly. She was behaving very strangely, like a caged animal whilst on board the RV.


Miller was killed during the stay at the medical facility. He was shot numerous times and died of his wounds. Ariantica took the body away, presumably to observe some post-mortem tradition started on the slopes of Venus. When she returned, she was covered with blood. The blood of those who had killed Miller.


Miller was not a good man, but I believe he had been forced into bad situations. He told me a great deal that he did not have to, and I believe that this was his way of atoning for his sins. Rest in peace Colonel Miller.


Cassandra and the Bioroid/REM Chambers


We were informed that Cassandra, the AI/MI from the Da Vinci had been contacted and was currently located nearby in the basement of a wind-farm building. A small group of us including Choler, Aurelius, Chilavert, Aspen, Newchurch, Williams, Johanssen, Gibson and myself made a foray towards this building. En route, we encountered resistance from several Medea Delta or Gamma units that attacked us. We also encountered a strange phenomenon that only seemed to be visible to Chilavert and Gibson. It came in the form of Ankh’s and other mystical icons etched into the ground, some of which pointed us in one direction or another.


Cassandra’s chamber was dark and occupied by two Adam units, Hawthorn and Birch, that had been drafted in to assist the AI with the construction of what appeared to be hybrid bioroid chamber/REMbeds. Inside of these beds were two masculine lifeforms similar to that encountered in REMbed 8 aboard the Da Vinci. These were, however, much closer to term that the example previously encountered. Cassandra herself was not present, and after leaving a message with the two Adam’s, we headed back to the main facility.


During the visit to the REM chamber, we again encountered the phenomenon of the invisible cat, that was first encountered at the PTP Cousteau platform. This entity was friendly and affectionate in exactly the way that one would expect a felis domesticus. It was discovered, when the rest of the party was contacted by radio, that they had encountered a cat at the same time, with the exception that this one was visible. This may have been a coincidence, as later on, a black domestic cat was witnessed. Possibly an innocent resident of the area.


On our return journey from the wind farm building, we again encountered a group of Medea units, these were despatched with the help of Butler with a flamethrower and the as ever capable Hari Gates. Before this, just outside of the wind farm building, we found a body. The corpse had been killed by a blunt trauma wound to the back of the head, coupled with a ballistic weapon wound in the leg. One wrist had been cut badly enough that the hand had become severed. Upon further investigation, it appeared that the body was concealing a document, and following an angel-chip interrogation by ES Glass, the body was identified as that of Dr Abdul Salahuddin. The document was titled “Report on the Syrian ‘Baal-Hadad’ Temple, Asclepius Green, Hermetek Lands of the HolyTM”, and described and discussed the archaeological dig site near to the medical facility that had been uncovered by Dr Irwin and the amateur exhumologists based there. Inside the document was a scan of a parchment. Here follows a translation:


Father essence KA turned to TA O A the creator and said when shall the bright way be from Tiamat to the sky. TA O A looked out with a frown upon his head and did say when the SHU SHU KHOM process to their thrones then shall the AK U return as DAK on a cloud of storms heralded by the KAT SI NA. But said KA to TA O A will not the TAK AN U slay the M. No said TA O A for they would have PAH HA NA riding with NIN GIR and from their eyes will the sins of all before be dropped.


One of Dr Irwin’s other interests was, apparently, exhumology. Near to the facility was a dig site that was allegedly, an ancient Syrian temple that had been ravaged by a Nabatean warband. A large tablet, appearing to be more Egyptian that Syrian, was on display in the facility. Kitsune and Professor Gibson, with the help of John Challis, had managed to decipher most of the tablet:


BA STRYAM aloft as it flows through the AKY UHUA do our bodies travel beyond the world of men into the music of the stars and the splendour of the heavens as we who were the wardens did look upon the vanished gardens so did OSIR look upon those who were fallen behind and felt sorrow for them knowing as it was OSIR’s guilt to bear with the spera of the gate had he laid waste and brought torent to the world.

But as the lands had crashed and split so did pity them.

So unto them he gave the shield (eye glyph) the spear and the architect so that the wardens would not forget.

Know that in the writings of the celestial song will the knowledge be passed down through the lines and we will walk with the BA once more (long-horn glyph)

OSIR and ANU be with you (long-horn glyph)


Patient Notes:

Subject: Johanssen, Rico


Subject exhibits cell necrosis and regeneration similar to that of subject Blake. Rico is cognitive and self-aware, have no signs of deterioration. He also has no signs of surgery or the administration of this treatment. Johanssen claims that he has a period of up to 24 hours of time the he has no recollection of. He remembers being in a submersible heading away from the PTP Cousteau platform in the company of ‘Good-Night’ and Rowan Sampson. Later on, he remembers being rendered unconscious by a blow to the back of the head that could only have been Sampson (he could see Good-Night at the time). Johanssen has vague recollections of small, grey-skinned humanoids with large eyes performing surgery on him.


I have retrieved a sample from Johanssen and am in the process of synthesising a sample from the dinoflagellate treatment that he was subject to. If this works, I will have found what Morgan was looking for.


The Medea Project

Notes found during our visit to the infirmary concerning the Medea Project. It is worthy of note that Colonel Miller was commanding officer aboard this facility.







Basic state of Medea subject after agent administered. Basic motor functions return, stimulus response at animal level. Heat, light food, these stimuli drive the subject, but some residual taint of memory remains due to neuron pathways. These can be observed as compulsive behaviors, attempting to replicate tasks from previous 'life'. In some cases, attempts at speech can be heard, but these diminish with time. The body begins to re-knit, the muscle groups equivalent to standard human, without normal 'pain' thresholds. Mammalian 'instinctual behaviours dominate -individual defense and survival becomes important. Subject is easily startled and all FoF responses result in retreat or fetal cowering if threatened. Zero combat potential, but individual response is more coherent than at Gamma level. Dr Zaho has speculated, based on the limited data, that if Delta's are given more agent, development will move direct into Beta phase, but will provide more 'human' subjects as per case 13077, and result in Beta stage 1.

As this is undesirable for the projects current aims, no agent is to be administered to Delta subjects unless Gamma status does not occur within 2 weeks. ,


MEDEA GAMMA: Gamma status is attained by Delta subjects in 96.8% of cases within \ 2 weeks. This change can be as rapid as 4-5 hours in older test cadavers, the 3.2% who showed no change were all from cadavers 6-10 hours or fresher. This is hypothesize~ as due to brain damage in older subjects, caused by necrosis of the brain tissue.. Older subjects have lost many pathways of neurons, meaning that the brains higher and middle functions are lost. The brain stem and hypothalamus take over at this point. Subjects in Gamma state are aggressive and territorial. Stimulus response is rapid and again, aggressive. Subject hunts for food, ~helter and warmth.

1 Group of Gamma subjects will rapidly form a pack-mentality, and unless a 2nd stage Beta or medea Alpha is present, no leader figure is identifiable. The pack becomes a cohesive unit, with communications through LGSN and gesture.  Cunning, rather than intelligent, Gammas are hard to control without violence or a more advanced Medea subject. However, it is worth noting the Miller's presence is registered with recognition, and he exerts some control over the Gamma packs within Romero. Gamma development into 2nd stage Beta or Alpha is dependent on additional agent - a larger dose at creation or more stimulus and food. It is believed the agent responds to greater needs by consuming more and thus regenerating more tissue enabling the advancement of the subject.


MEDEA BETA: Stage 1. Stage 1 beta is attained from giving large amounts of agent on creation of a subject, or to a Delta subject before the change into Gamma. Stage 1 allows the repair of some 45 -89% of the brain, including higher functions such as language, and some memory -This is a problem. Stage 1 Beta subjects are confused and very human. Responses are no longer on an animal level, but could be compared to a child. The agent has, at this stage, repaired enough of the brain that simulated emotional response becomes an issue. The subject 'remembers' responses, if the stimulus is close to a previous experience. Thus Beta 1 stocks are subject to panic, fear and other distractions.


Beta subjects readily solve Phase 1 & 2 problems, and can be easily mistaken for an ESN human adult. Beta 1 Test subjects are treated with hostility by Gamma subjects.


MEDEA BETA Stage 2: This stage is normally developed from Gamma Stage, although with some re-engineering of the stimulus and more agent, Beta Stage 1 can reach this level. Beta subjects, as described above, can be considered intelligent, showing signs of higher brain function, and the ability to speak and interpret orders. Stage 2 subjects seem more intelligent, but this may well be attributed to the fact they are less burdened with 'remembered' responses. Stage 2 Beta's are ideal soldiers -they do not question, and show no fear response. They 'respect' items that can injure or damage them, and seem to recognize pain as a negative reinforcement. Beta lack cohesive judgment, even at stage 2. This leads to a lack of initiative and occasional difficulties in motivation. They can be taught to use weapons, but tend towards learned responses -i.e. a SOL Nomad stage 2 will make abetter soldier than a stage 2 created from and architect. Whilst it is clear that the higher brain functions will not support extelligence such as culture, some meIn9ries still cloud the judgment of the Beta subject.


MEDEA ALPHA : The highest evolutionary stage of the Medea project. The reconstruction of the subject is 97.8% and further treatment with the agent will not improve the subject. The Alpha has full cognitive and reactive functions, and is easily .as intelligent as the 'raw material' once was. Due to the action of the agent on brain tissue, the subject seems to have little memory, or perhaps this is repressed. Either way, Alpha subjects are intelligent, but with little 'personality'. If attacked they will react, and have an affinity for using tools over bare hands. The higher brain functions are operational, but the subject has little 'interest in contemplative thought or speculation. Any residual memory is easily trained out of Alpha subjects*

Alpha subjects show tactical thought, a firm grasp of cause and effect and no negative detractions (no anger, fear, confusion etc). Whilst a little 'unimaginative', this is not a problem in a soldier. They imprint and train astoundingly quickly. This seems to indicate that the brain, shorn of internal conflicts and empty of memory 'baggage' absorbs new information at abnormally high rates.


Strength is easily twice that of a human, due to the agents removal of impurities and inefficiencies in the muscular systems, and the removal of the pain threshold. Apart from the need for rigorous training, Alpha's are the perfect result of this project.


*note -in cases where the subject had deep rooted psychological damage, such as Psychosis or Sociopathic disorders, the agent does not remove this. As the brain is no longer subject to the full range of emotional and mental response and contemplative 'distraction' , the psychosis seems to get worse, as no other elements of the personality exist. This can lead to some unsettling cases, most notably with subject 00006, Vespasian. It is this researchers belief that the higher aggression and lateral thinking abilities of such subjects does not outweigh the problems of discipline, control and stability.




NB -These puppies do not need to sleep -work ‘em 24-7. Let ‘em eat, nothing more. COL MILLER.



Basic Orientation -Once separated into separate pens from Gammas, Alphas are indoctrinated via command and punishment. Col Miller is to be attendant at all indoctrinations.


Explanation of Status - Their role in the conf1ict

History Lesson - Who are the enemy?

Practical- Utilize enemy 'stimuli' to evoke aggressive response.


Training in basic Hand to Hand -Punishment for any subject reverting to Gamma like clawing. More food for Successful Kata responses.


Basic spatial/environment training. -Part theory, part practical. In addition to info films, Alphas will be taught the extent of their regenerative abilities, strength, body cohesion and damage thresholds.


Basic Unit tactics -By end of Phase 1, select NCO's , and form units around the 4 -1 ratio. Imprint Loyalty to NCO and handlers. -Col. Miller to be present at all imprint sessions.



Advanced Environment Training -interaction with environment -mostly theoretical - explanation of pressure doors, basic electronics and security measures. Basic computer use.


Advanced Hand to Hand- Ensure no reliance on 'animal' techniques. Bone breaking, stun and swift kill techniques. Test skills on groups of Gamma's.


Melee 101 – Knives, swords, environment-sensitive weapons both powered and static.  Thrown weapons. Accuracy tests on static, reactive and living targets.


Ballistics- Theory and Practical -Pistols, basic projectile weapons. Cleaning, maintenance, use and disposal. Tests on static, reactive and living targets.


Biology -Human -stress and weak points. Damage assessment, Threat assess~ent. Combat architecture -Stress & weak points -Vehicular, Habitat and Building.


Reinforcement of lmprinting -Advanced level info films, chain of command, loyalty testing. Note -CoI Miller to be present at all Imprinting sessions.



HAZMat Training -Interaction with environments harmful to subject, methods of using hazardous environment as a weapon against opponents (vacuum, high pressure, Water/liquids, chemical, Iieat.)


Stealth, Intrusion and Sabotage -Training in non direct access to areas. Sabotaging Vehicles and habitats. .key weak points in MI mainframes.


Melee Review. Utilizing MECAdam as target.


Ballistics -Advanced- Rifles & Long range. Damage ratings on weapon type, silhouette training on threat assessment. Ballistic use on non -human opponents. Training in EMP use.


Advanced Biology -human- causes of death.


Study of Mechanized opponents -techniques for mainframe destruction, dealing with synthetic enemies and machine controlled environments.


Final imprinting - hierarchy of the organization. The many faces of the enemy -Note, Col. Miller to be at all Imprinting sessions.

Training Complete. Field Work begins.



It would appear that we are heading to Mars and Heavens Gate. Professor Gibson has an item that he considers to be the key to Heaven’s Gate. N.B. This key takes on a particularly bi-flaggellate configuration – a free-floating sphere of some sort of semi-precious rock surrounded by rings on two poles. On encountering this item, it occurred to me the similarities between it and a dino-flaggellate.


The planets in their stations listening stood,

While the bright pomp ascended jubilant.

Open, ye everlasting gates, they sung,

Open, ye heavens, your living doors; let in

The great creator from his work returned Magnificent, his six days' work, a world.

Paradise Lost (1667), John Milton (1608 – 1674).


An associate of Mama Gaia, a man named Rex, has organised passage in exchange for some power cells, medical supplies and weapons etc.. We are to be transported in groups to a nearby spaceport. From there we are to make our own way, as a group, through the spaceport and gain access to a ship that can take us into Terran orbit, and from there, to rendezvous with Newchurch’s ship, The Tempest. Joe Butler managed to appropriate us new identities, that will, except under extremely close scrutiny, get us past the authorities and onto a ship. I took the identity of Godfrey Irwin. Ironic that he should be, once again, helping me.


The Fourth Seal of Hilary Morgan


This came in the form of a ‘dreaming’ session. Sara Judo announced that she had decrypted the file and was ready to run it. She was assisted in this by Lord Nicholls Oracle. She awoke from the experience with a scream that I heard in another part of the facility. I rushed through to where she was, in time for her to recount her experience.


She said that she had been with three human males, a boy-child, an adult male, and an old man. She told me that the man looked like me. Two bioroid chambers were also in evidence, and may have signified the amount of times the process had been used in my case.


The old man announced to her that the opening of the seventh seal would spell the end of the world.


I can only hope that this is a metaphor for the completion of the socio-political changes that we have recently been witnessing rather than the biblical Armageddon theory.



Ariantica Gates also had a ‘dreaming’ session in which she met her father. He told her that I was her father. This all sounds like some old science fiction story, too strange to be true.


Dr Irwin and the Cult of Morrigan


As mentioned before, Dr Irwin was very keen about my research, and once he had verified to me who I was and what significance I held, he became insistent that I join him in his research. He informed me that he had facilities that I could use, that I would be safe, that he could protect me right under the noses of Hermetek. He pleaded with me, urging me not to go to Mars with the group that I had fallen in with, that they were ultimately doomed, and that I would be also if I went with them. I attempted to reassure him that I would be fine. I gave him a copy of the work that I had done on dinoflagellates in the last few weeks, uploading them to a SystemWeb location in New Jerusalem with the help of Joe Butler, but this was obviously not enough for the good doctor.


Irwin poisoned his colleague, Dr Santis with a potent neuro-toxin to act as a distraction whilt he tranquillised me and severl others outside the building before he and Dr West attempted to carry me away under cover of the dark. Dr Irwin was killed in the attempt by Kilfiger and, I believe, Aurelius. Dr West was rendered unconscious and we were taken back to the building.


If any of Dr Irwin’s family should ever read this, then I would apologise most profusely for this tragedy. I believe that Dr Irwin was a little over zealous and misguided to have attempted this course of action. I will have to be cautious of this level of fanaticism if this is symptomatic of membership in the Cult of Morrigan.


I should be grateful to Dr Irwin though. He has opened my eyes to some extreme possibilities. I have yet to deal with this schizophrenia that I am inevitably going to go through after the recent findings, but I am still, ultimately, Dr Henry James Danté. My work and career may be that of Hilary Morgan, but it is Henry who is going to get the glory. What this means has yet to arise. Am I going to be forced into an internal struggle or is the personality of Morgan going to lie dormant in my subconscious, helping me along with slowly revealed insights into the mind of a super-genius, like a time release drug in my system, spilling it’s contents at a controlled rate. We shall wait and see. At the moment, I have the help of Dr West. I do not trust him in the slightest, his defection to the Cult of Morrigan was too fast, too easy. It may be totally genuine, he seems like just the sort of person that Morgan would have approved of, he obviously has little moral fibre to have worked on the Aeriates Project – at least I still know where to draw the line between science and people. I still stand by the Hippocratic Oath, and I still value life over everything.


Would I open the final seal, would I step through Heaven’s Gate. My answer is yes to both of these questions. Without hesitation. This is the most important thing that I have ever had to do, and the reason that I did not take up Dr Irwin’s offer.


This does leave me with the questions of what happened to my father, and how does this relate to Morgan. Was the co-author of Evolutionary Islands of the Stars I or my father ?, did Henry Sr know Morgan. What does Lord Nicholls know of my relationship with Morgan ?. This also makes my relationship with Ariantica extremely strange. I know there are going to be some very awkward situations arising that we are going to have to deal with. She told me that she had known I was Morgan since the Da Vinci. Why the hell did she not tell me, it would have made so much sense. It would have gone some way to explaining my missing time.


I also have the mystery of the Inferno files from what seems like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it was a lifetime ago, but which lifetime – or more to the point, whose ?. Now that I have two personalities I presumably have two sets of memories. Two sets of emotions. Three lifetimes.


Probably best not thinking about it too much. One could go mad.


Use of the NMAC Backdoor


Search Request: Henry Dante


Destination storage media: Mobile datapad - Dante, Henry J. Physical Address: 2994.1992.7273.0001 - Username: hjdante - Password: **********


Search Criteria 1: Life history (including birth, death and marriage certificates), research notes, publications (include brief synopses), hidden or encrypted files, medical history and records, employment history and records, financial history and records.


1. Find all information under search criteria 1, from any source, in connection with the name Dr Henry Dantè (senior or junior). Download all to specified storage media.


2. Find all information under search criteria 1, from any source, in connection with the name Dr Hilary Morgan. Download all to specified storage media.


3. Find all information under search criteria 1, from any source, in connection with the name Lord Amadeus Sibelius Nicholls. Download all to specified storage media.


4. Cross reference results of request 1, 2 and 3 highlight encounters between any of the four subjects of requests 1-3 and supply synopsis of results. Download all to specified storage media.


5. Find all reference to the name "Cult of Morrigan". Download all to storage media.


6. Find all reference to the words "Dinoflaggellates", "Agent X" and "Medea" in connection with the Hermetek corporation and cross reference with the results of requests 1-5. Provide synopses and download all to storage media.


7. Find all information under search criteria 1, from any source, in connection with the name Lucy Jane Irwin and Godfrey Irwin. Download all to specified storage media.


8. Find all information in connection with the Electra/Cassandra MI/AI unit originally encountered by the crew of the DSAB vessel "Spirit of Da Vinci". Include origin, mission parameters, design parameters & specifications and current whereabouts and status if known. Summarise and download all to specified storage media.


Following my confirmed receipt of this information, delete query and subsequent queries from all datasources encountered in request.


Ptolomy Station: Luna


The secret research facility of Hilary Morgan. Rumoured to have been destroyed.


Upon our arrival, the only inhabitants of this supposedly destroyed and deserted facility were four more than we expected to find. Dr William Gunn, a Hermetek Morriganite, murderer of fellow Morgan cultist Nurse Cortez and also the brother of Tobias Santis (discovered whilst my fellow ‘heroes’ and I were on Waystation 13). Ash, a medical technician ADAM Unit whom later achieved self-awareness with the help of God knows who – my bet is on either Aspen or Williams. Rowan Sampson, erstwhile pilot of the ill-fated Da Vinci, and Arcadia Jones


Tachyon Spikes


Further Residual Temporal Echoes

- Events aboard the ship ‘Event Horizon’

- Events at Ptolomy Station prior to Morgan’s experiments

- The crimes of Peter Vespasian


Explosive Decompression



Arcadia Jones. A psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of non-specific credentials. During the time on board Ptolomy Station, she psychoanalysed myself and several others for a variety of reasons. Initially, she was offering to put people through a hypnotic regression to regain any missing time that they were subject to. I am not sure who else went through this process, but given my dubious past, I was keen, but at the same time, very reluctant to undergo this. I have a great deal that is unexplained in my life, a great deal that I cannot say whether I did or did not do. Hilary Morgan is responsible for this and if I am to complete his work, I have to go through with yet one more experience that I am less than happy with.


Miss Jones commenced the interview with a brief overview of the different types of psychoanalysis available to us, and concluded tht, given the limited time available to us, a hypnotic regression would be the best option. Mick Delaney was summoned and I was adminstered with a mild sedative to assist in the relaxation process.


There followed a set of standard psychoanalysis questions placing me in various situations from my past.


I could not answer most of the questions with any degree of conviction.


During this analysis, certain events from my past resurfaced. It is well known that Hilary Morgan required a bioroid candidate for his life extension. Hermetek, for whatever reason, determined him unsuitable for the process and would not grant him permission. Due to this, he arranged, with the help of the Danté family and the Irwin family – all dedicated Morriganites – for an illegal life extension. Both the Danté’s and the Irwin’s were of significant status, wealth and power to see this through, and the son of Henry Danté Sr was groomed as the candidate. As time went on, it would appear that Henry Jr became very close to Morgan (as is required by the process). Upon Morgan’s death (which would seem to have occurred suddenly and unexpectedly), young Henry became hysterical and depressed. The life extension process went ahead as planned. Morgan was dead and there was no other way. Normally, if a bioroid candidate such as Henry Jr had exhibited such symptoms of depression, hysteria etc.. then the process would have been aborted, however, under the circumstances, there was no way that this could be done.


Following the process, Henry Jr’s decline continued and became more and more severe. The loss of Morgan was obviously too much for the child. It was determined that a backup plan should be used. The son of Godfrey Irwin was decided as the bioroid target for the Henry Jr/Morgan amalgam. This was, as I see it now, a dangerous attempt to rescue the life and works of Hilary Morgan via a subject wholly unsuitable, un-prepared and not conditioned for the job at hand. This desperate attempt displaying just how fanatical the followers of Morgan, and more specifically, the Danté and Irwin family were and are. Risking the life of their sons.


The process went ahead. The Danté Jr/Morgan amalgam, complete with the existing psychological issues of the two personalities as well as a whole new variety caused by the life-extension, was transferred into the body of the second child.


These are the facts as I see them. How I feel about the whole thing is another matter. I am still Henry Danté, as far as I am concerned. Psychologically, anyway. Physically, I am the Son of Godfrey Irwin.


What is more disturbing about this whole affair is that I was engaged to be married to Lucy-Jane Irwin. My sister. I think I need to spend some time adjusting to this.


This does, however, explain why my genetic records are locked out. Why Lucy-Jane discouraged me from returning to Hermetek and potentially, what I discovered at Hermetek that terrified me so much.


The Seals of Hilary Morgan: Parts Five and Six


The Revelations of St Hilary the Morrigan - Chapter 5


It was reminded to me when Antoinette remarked on Nouveau Paris.

The courier's body on that warm afternoon that had been systematically charted through its daily decomposition. And the cat. Yes, the Felis Domesticus. Slowly dripping its matter into the dark below. That's what made the image click.


The ancient Greeks thought that Hell was below the ground. I feel its closer to our minds than they cared to admit. We put our matter in the ground to hide our mortality from ourselves. So we do not see the decayed face of our mothers waving before us as they hang from the tree. Or the grubs that nest in the eyes of our fathers watching the world from where another intelligence had rested before. But where does the spirit go?


The Calling would have us believe we float up to a great light, there to merge with a greater consciousness. Bullshit. I know where the dead go. Into the minds of those that experience them. That is where I shall live after the cessation of my flesh. Living in a Stream of Consciousness, a bridging thought, another connection in a child's neural network.


After all, that is where those I have killed, live in me.

Swimming with the Dino-Flagellants, like the Minoans upon dolphins. Oh? Didn’t expect that? It is a time of revelations and insights isn’t it?


The power of the Dino-Flagellant is working its way through my system and I know - Its changing me. I am not the man I was, nor can I ever be again. The Miracle Microbe has studied me and in its act of viewing me has changed me irrevocably.


Einstein and Schrodinger were fools.


It is in the act of permanence that we force the world to change.


'In viewing you, I see much of what I wish to see and little of what is actually there.' That's what the Swami had said, but I had been too foolish to realise the importance of his words at that time. Had it not been my hands that had crushed his larynx? For in viewing him, had I not decided that what I had seen was unimportant and that it was to the internals of his corpse that I wished to delve? In my act of viewing him, his life was changed. Permanently.


Antoinette had wanted a break from the Great Work at Ptolemy and was insistent on returning there to rest, for she still has continued problems with the pregnancy. It's a genealogical thing apparently, both sides of the family.

So, as it was some time before all of the personnel arrived at the Ptolemy Lab, I gave her dispensation to go. She seemed awkwardly recalcitrant. Almost petulant, as if she I had expected more from me. With an air approaching incivility she demanded why I wasn't coming.


It almost seemed a shame to hit her for such a futile question. But these days I am not myself and other matters press needfully about me. We argued at length and she left. I would be most upset should anything happen to the child.


The Irwins are good, but I fear their investment in the new project is somewhat more propriatorial of my progeny, than out of any interest from the research done here. If my Bioroid dies… Still there will be the child to carry on the Great Work.


Yes, you!


The piece~meal braimnapping has left a residue apparently, the Irwins psychiatrist (who does not know) tells them that he is overly paranoid and is evolving paranoid fantasies. Poor boy. Oh, to be young again!

But there it is. A ghost of me, locked in the mind of a pubescent boy.

A ghost before my death…


This keeps on going round in circles and I come again and again to this point - but then that is the point, isn't it?

Schrodinger's Cat -the damn thing doesn't die at all.

When I eventually acquired that Egyptian needle from the Hand of God, I began to notice that there was much more about this than I had thought.

Libochevs Canticle and the notes taken from the Ossiary at Acre, made out that this was your standard living beyond death guff. But it slowly became clear to me that this was just the tip of the iceberg.


Water. That's another thing.


Also here were the treatise of those who had gone beyond the veil. Beyond the gates of flesh and bone. To another place to experience the Other. An internal journey of understanding displayed large before our minds eye and macro-cosm' d into the travel of the spirit.


And the fucking cat doesn’t die - or does it?


If I observe it dieing (as I have many times) does this make it dead? If I were to kill it without seeing, then where would it go?


The labourers had dropped the artefact to the floor whilst manueuvring it into position. A sound like a thrumming tuning fork craned to my ears.

And there was the damn cat. It should have been flushed into Paris Down-Below and living out its continued existence as the breeding place for new and interesting cockroaches.


But it wasn't. It just sat there cleaning itself.

One of the labourers walked right through it to pick up the lid of the packing crate. It didn'tmove, it just 'flickered' there, gazing at me with knowing eyes.

I couldn't place it then. But after Antoinette asked about Nouveau Paris - that's when it came back.

I have decided to name it Banquo.


But then if there is one - are there others?


What of the Swami, the courier? Do they also sit in the corners of rooms washing their hands and watching me, flickering?

Or do they live only in my mind?

Is it a simple byproduct of the wonderful actions of the Dino-Flagellants as they scurry through my brain repairing each dieing braincell as they go.


It is true that my perceptIon of reality has been changed.

It is also true that the words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls.


It is finally true that as I die - I come closer to the truth. That in dieing one may not cease to be.

One could live beyond this place and sing in the stars.


And thus the Ptolemy project comes to fruition.

To prove the lie of death and take us to our next evolutionary stage.

To walk beyond the boundaries of our mundanity and to reach the heavens, heedless of race, culture or wealth.

The fruit from the tree will once again open the Gates to Paradise.



Revelations of St Hilary the Morrigan - Chapter 6


It takes things apart

It puts them together?

It takes things apart.


It takes things apart

It puts them together?

It takes things apart.


I dissolve.



There was a great trembling of the ground in Ankhor, when it was brought here. They say the greatest quake they have had in a while. I'm not sure that the Temple will survive such a loss.


The great Machina.

It isn't a technology.

That is to suggest, it has no engineering in its design-

It is simply manifest.

A creation of its own volition.

A functional object of 'Immaculate Conception'.

Pure, almost crystal in its completeness.

It has no sires or ancestry. It just was and it existed and came to be.

And there will never be its equal or its peer.


It is as solitary, lonely a thing as has ever existed in the whole universe. It will outlive any who worship it, see the crumbling of their mighty buildings, all shall fall down, shake, splinter and split. These are the birth pains. No Flesh Shall be Spared to see in the end of days.

No emotion or transient sentimentality can be applied to it, for this is like loving the noble gases. It simply is, was and will be.


For, after me, there will be none that will recognise the implications of this needle.

Needle, so inaccurately called. A needle, a spire, what the fuck does it matter anyway?

All who look on it will know that it is the phallic thrust of mans conquest of nature!

Rupturing and breaking the laws of the world to our demands. Rape of the universe. Will they see it? Of course not.

Genkind is as sexless, neutered & unthinking as the fucking dead-dolls we make in our Image.


Such a simple stone obelisk, yet it is here & there in so many forms.


A needle belonging to the Queen of the Nile to sew up the bodies of her lovers.

But from where does the Nile flow? The Cradle of civilisation bleeds its tithe to the new empires, but she held her secrets close for so long, didn't she?


Spear of Destiny, Lance of Lugh, Bobbin of the spinning wheel, thorn in my side.


A spear of destiny lancing into a vein, a mucous membrane, sundering flesh and invading my mind. But there - I see it in my minds eye- it has others to which it sees recognition and looks down upon the microbes.


Do we not do this ourselves? We recognise the tortured grimace from the primate on the table. For we know that apes face, it is our own and we pity it.

We pity it because evolution has thrown it such a shitty deal from the cards ... and it isn't us on the table, is it?

But, after all, it is the hand that we are dealt.


I die - killed by my fathers.


Their weak & syphilitic blood is not strong enough to host this culture within me. And so it turns on me and eats my mind.

... oh, but the sights I have glimpsed whilst in fever...

For these sights that I have been gifted, I will forgive it its survival urge, this little murderer, for this is a barter worthy of my life. Those tiny creatures swimming in my head, the building blocks of life itself, the glue that holds us together, they know the godhood to which the stone reaches.

What would they whisper to me in those dark hours before the dawn, those tiny creatures? What would they say of the object that is of them and yet stands as the antithesis to what they do?

What would the ape say of me, as I lay it open?


If I am right....

I dare not - but the world will go away and the Sun will collapse upon itself and me and mine will stand upon the lip of the galaxy and pluck the thoughts of the stars and be washed in the music of the universe as we step into the heart of Creation.


The ape will dine with the Dino-Flagellant

The man will dine with the Spear

One will break for evolutionary might

The other will ultimately tear


I feel that the Heavens should roll back at times like this. Roll back and think of England.


My head hurts - it's full of pins.

Must focus.


The end is in sight, but I will wait for those I have brought in to do their work. Close now, so close that I can taste the new horizons spreading out before me.

The Irwins demand answers all the time. Where is there money going? They insinuate that my illicit bioroid is unstable. They hold it as a bargaining chip in the game that is played out here.

And Hermetek begin to sabotage the project - in little ways - but enough to set the operators here doubting the worth of what they do. They may go further.

And the Big Four have even sent their hands & eyes to this place. To watch this crazed scientist enact his apotheosis. Do they want a seat at the table? Or are they here for other needs - to salve their guilty conscience by begging for new ways to extend their lives even further.

Yes, the rumour has spread and the mighty and great come to beg at my table for scraps. Let them beg, for they do not understand the greatness of the work that is here done.


And Antoinette.

She will not be satisfied, she says that I am possessed, that I will no longer be the man I was, to father the child she brings to bear. Can she not see that I must learn myself anew? To realise what it is that I miss in my soul, that keeps me searching for my Other?


For why else do we cling to each other in the darkness?

Why else do we search futilely for the Other that will make us complete?

Is it that at our deepest genetic level we know that we need the benediction of the stars to become whole?

That the artefacts of a once great civilisation could Illuminate us to great stead.

Or are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of Osir and Anu?

The answers lie beyond

And beyond is where we must go to begin to produce the answers.


We will go the full distance soon, before I die, and I will look upon the face of creation and understand eternity.



Anu: Lord of Heaven in the Babylonian pantheon. Part of a triumvirate consisting of Anu, Bel, and Ea. Anu was the lord of heaven; Bel was the lord of the lower realm, earth; and Ea was the god of the lower realm of the watery depths. In most of these primitive triads there were some family relationships, mostly father-son although there were others. Another theme involves one member of the triad being part man and part god.


Osir: An ancient Egyptian, archetypal, pre-Christian antecedent of the Trinity is described, in which three gods -- the homoousia of Father and Son, and ka, the procreative power of the deity -- form a triunity not unlike the Christian symbolic configuration. The passing of these ideas into the Hellenic Osir-is/Horus/Isis myth is noted, as is its influence on Christian dogma.


Note: The Father/Son/Ka metaphor is particularly relevant to the Morgan life extension – candidate/bioroid1/bioroid2.


The Anonymous Aaron Unit

It has become apparent that there is another, undisclosed Aaron unit amongst us. No-one has admitted to it yet.


The Alien Body


During one of the tachyon spikes, the body of what can only be described as an alien appeared in the middle of the main room at Ptolomy Station. The alien was of humanoid configuration, and of about average human size. The body was missing from the waist down. The corpse was white with dark blue elipses where the eyes of a human would be. Upon further investigation, the corpse was found to have no fingernails or fingerprints or navel - suggesting to me that the body was grown in some form of tank. The surface of the beings skin was covered in approxmately a 10 micron layer of calcified quasicrystals, most likely as a result of being in a quasicrystal saturated environment (the same way as a miners lungs would be coated in whatever he was mining), the skeleton was also subject to this condition. A core sample taken from the base of the skull indicated that the skin, flesh tissue, musculature, skeleton and neural tissue were all remeniscent of a new born human child. The optic implants, when removed, were determined to be shield set into the skin around the eyes in order to protect the eyes, which again, were bright blue and reminiscent of an infant.

No explanation was found for it’s origins or it’s arrival on Luna.


The next step…

Morgan was wrong. He went where people should not go. His disciples are very dangerous people. They believe that Morgan was right and will uphold his beliefs regardless of the cost. After discussing the work of Morgan with both Dr West and Dr Gunn, I am of the firm opinion that is my duty to negate, and if at all possible, reverse the work of Hilary Morgan. My whole life is a result of Morgan and his stupid fanatics. Everything I have done and been through in my life has been due to his sick, twisted whim. It is time I took control of my own destiny and made my own choices, rather than the choices that Morgan is making inside my head, or the choices that my own fucked up family have made. Oedipus has nothing on me. Put that in your report Arcadia Jones.


I must find something to reverse and/or negate the effects of the substance known as Agent X. The people who have been experimented on and abused with this deserve the right to rest in peace. I myself am very guilty of playing god in this way. All I have ever wanted was to do good and help people. It sounds like a cliché doesn’t it, and believe me, I am cringing as I write this. I stand by the Hippocratic Oath that I took when I became a doctor, but I am guilty of succumbing to my own ego, and people have suffered as a result. I am sorry Blake. People like Peter Vespasian cannot be permitted to live. He is an abberation and must not be allowed to follow in the ascendant footsteps (I am still going under the assumption that Morgan was successful here) of the lunatic Morgan. God knows of what he would be capable.


Heaven’s Gate


I have no evidence to support either the opening or the not opening of the gate - in this, I am firmly with Glass - but it does seem to be the case that some sort of enforced destiny is being imposed on us in as much as 'all roads lead to Rome', or in this case, Mars.


My hard science background tells me to trust evidence and avoid supposition and conjecture, however, this does appear to be somewhat of a culmination, a point where all of us who have been involved since the Da Vinci have been pointed - the point of which has been previously unknown.


This may not be the end, but it does have that kind of ominous boding about it that suggest that the end may indeed be nigh. The question is, the end for our little adventure, or the end for genkind as a whole. Excuse me for sounding nihilistic, but an end for Genkind could not, at this late stage, possibly be the worst that could happen.


I am resigned in my fate. Open the gates and put it in the hands of the vast pantheon of the gods that have been at work on this project. It goes against everything that I have taught and been taught for as long as I can remember, but those things have been nothing but trouble and heartbreak for me, so fuck them.


Interesting Points Brought up in Conversation Aboard ‘The Tempest’


From Chilavert:

Episilon system was colonised by the original mission of which Electra was the MI but had had her memory banks wiped. The colonists developed technology that allowed them to swap into partly meat/partly silicon
bodies. Cassandra transferred herself/her memories to the Da Vinci via a machine code transmission and into Electra's memory banks. What we experienced on the Da Vinci was Cassandra taking over Electra or the two of
them merging, I'm not clear on this. Cassandra has said this was because she wanted to "go home". Interestingly Cypress wanted to take her "home" too.


From Santis:

Where the burst hit
Point 1 the Tachyon pulse was not the weapon, it was the Carrier on which a pulse was sent, plainly put, it was the rocket, not the payload, in itself it isn't harmful (it goes through everything without effecting it)

However it goes through EVERYTHING and nothing can stop it, as a result when it hit the central core area the EMP pulse was delivered directly

It does have an effect on the surrounding area, it crystalises on a subatomic level everything around it (the same crystals we've seen in the balls, disc and Gibson’s key) there are other effects/ permutations but they're techincal and I don't think you would find them relevant


Morgan’s Alive


During conversations aboard the Tempest, I have come to a conclusion that I should have realised before. Hilary Morgan was alive after the bioroid process has been undertaken:


After re-reading the seals, I have had a rethink. Morgan wasn't dead when the Bioroid process went ahead. From the 5th Seal, I quote:

"The Irwins are good, but I fear their investment in the new project is somewhat more propriatorial of my progeny, than out of any interest from the research done here. If my Bioroid dies. Still there will be the child to
carry on the Great Work.

Yes, you!

The piece~meal braimnapping has left a residue apparently, the Irwins psychiatrist (who does not know) tells them that he is overly paranoid and is evolving paranoid fantasies. Poor boy. Oh, to be young again!
But there it is. A ghost of me, locked in the mind of a pubescent boy.
A ghost before my death."

I don't know how this is possible. It would appear that the 5th seal was written after the bioroid process. I'll have to think about this.


Egyptian Myth


Horus - (Egyptian Har or Hor)


Egyptian sky god. Usually depicted as a falcon or in human form with the head of a falcon. The sun and the moon are said to be his eyes. Son of Isis and the dead Osiris. He was born at Khemmis in the Nile Delta, and Isis hid him in the papyrus marshes to protect him against Seth, his father's murderer.


Horus later avenged the death of his father against Seth. Horus lost his left eye (the moon) in the contest between the two. Horus was identified with Lower Egypt and Seth with Upper Egypt in this battle, which lasted eighty years. The gods judged Horus to be the winner, and Seth was either killed or castrated. The consequence of Horus's victory was the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. The Egyptian pharaoh was believed to be an incarnation of Horus, and the name of Horus formed part of his name. The pharaoh was said to become Horus after death. Seth restored the eye he had torn from Horus, but Horus gave it instead to Osiris. The image of the "eye of Horus", a human eye combined with the cheek markings of a falcon, became a powerful amulet among the Egyptians.


Among the various manifestations of Horus were:


Harpokrates (Heru-Pa-Khret, Harpakhrad): "Horus the child". This refers to his birth and secret rearing by Isis. In this form he is often depicted as a naked child seated on Isis's lap.

Haroeris (Har Wer): "Horus the elder". In this form Horus battled against Seth.

Harakhte (Harakhti, Heraktes): "Horus of the horizon". Horus at Heliopolis, linked with Ra in the sun cult. In this form he is associated with the rising sun.

Harendotes (Har-nedj-itef, Har-End-Yotef): "Horus the saviour of his father" A reference to the avenging of his father's murder.

Harmachis (Heru-Em-Akhet, Harmakis): "Horus in the horizon". Horus as symbol of resurrection, linked with the setting sun.

Harsiesis (Harsiese, Har-si-Ese, Hor-Sa-Iset): "Horus, son of Isis".

Harsomtus (Har-mau): "Horus the uniter" This is a reference to his role in uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.

Hor Behdetite (Behedti): "Horus of Behdet". Originally a local form of Horus as Behdet in the Delta region. In this form he was symbolized by the winged solar disk.


Osiris - (Usire)


Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation. Son of Nut and Geb. His birthplace was said to be Rosetau in the necropolis west of Memphis. Brother of Nephthys and Seth, and the brother and husband of Isis. Isis gave birth to Horus after his death, having impregnated herself with semen from his corpse. Osiris was depicted in human form wrapped up as a mummy, holding the crook and flail. He was often depicted with green skin, alluding to his role as a god of vegetation. He wore a crown known as the 'atef', composed of the tall conical white crown of Upper Egypt with red plumes on each side. Osiris had many cult centers, but the most important were at Abydos (Ibdju) in Upper Egypt, where the god's legend was reenacted in an annual festival, and at Busiris (Djedu) in the Nile delta.


One of the so-called "dying gods", he was the focus of a famous legend in which he was killed by the rival god Seth. At a banquet of the gods, Seth fooled Osiris into stepping into a coffin, which he promptly slammed shut and cast into the Nile. The coffin was born by the Nile to the delta town of Byblos, where it became enclosed in a tamarisk tree. Isis, the wife of Osiris, discovered the coffin and brought it back. (The story to this point is attested only by the Greek writer Plutarch, although Seth was identified as his murderer as early as the Pyramid era of the Old Kingdom.)


Seth took advantage of Isis's temporary absence on one occasion, cut the body to pieces, and cast them into the Nile. (In the Egyptian texts this incident alone accounts for the murder of Osiris.) Isis searched the land for the body parts of Osiris, and was eventually able to piece together his body, whole save for the penis, which had been swallowed by a crocodile (according to Plutarch) or a fish (according to Egyptian texts). In some Egyptian texts, the penis is buried at Memphis. Isis replaced the penis with a reasonable facsimile, and she was often portrayed in the form of a kite being impregnated by the ithyphallic corpse of Osiris. In some Egyptian texts, the scattering of the body parts is likened to the scattering of grain in the fields, a reference to Osiris's role as a vegetation god. 'Osiris gardens' - wood-framed barley seedbeds in the shape of the god, were sometimes placed in tombs - and the plants which sprouted from these beds symbolized the resurrection of life after death.


It was this legend that accounted for Osiris's role as a god of the dead and ruler of the Egyptian underworld. He was associated with funerary rituals, at first only with those of the Egyptian monarch, later with those of the populace in general. The pharaoh was believed to become Osiris after his death. Although he was regarded as a guarantor of continued existence in the afterlife, Osiris also had a darker, demonic aspect associated with the physiological processes of death and decay, and reflecting the fear Egyptians had of death in spite of their belief in an afterlife. Osiris was also a judge of the dead, referred to as the 'lord of Maat' (i.e. of divine law).


Legendary ruler of predynastic Egypt and god of the underworld. Osiris symbolized the creative forces of nature and the imperishability of life. Called the great benefactor of humanity, he brought to the people knowledge of agriculture and civilization. The worship of Osiris, one of the great cults of ancient Egypt, gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean world and, with that of Isis and Horus, was especially vital during the Roman Empire.



Egyptian name for the vital force of life, and one of the eight components of the Egyptian concept of the soul.


The Ancient Egyptian Concept of the Soul


To the Ancient Egyptians, their soul - their being - were made up of many different parts. Not only was there the physical form, but there were eight immortal or semi-

divine parts that survived death, with the body making nine parts of a human.


The precise meaning of ka, ba, akh, sekhem, and so on is no longer clear to us. Well-meaning scholars try again and again and again to force the Egyptian idea of the soul into our traditional categories without enabling us to understand even a little of it any better


-- J. J. Poortman, Vehicles of Consciousness - the Concept of Hylic Pluralism


The Egyptian's other worldly parts include:

Khat (Kha) - The physical form, the body that could decay after death, the mortal, outward part of the human that could only be preserved by mummification.

Ka - The double that lingered on in the tomb inhabiting the body or even statues of the deceases, but was also independent of man and could move, eat and drink at will. (There was both a higher, guardian angel like Ka and lower Ka that came from knowledge learned on earth.)


Ba - The human headed bird flitted around in the tomb during the day brining air and and food to the deceased, but travelled with Ra on the Solar Barque during the evenings.

Khaibit - The shadow of a man, it could partake of funerary offerings and was able to detach itself from the body and travel at will, though it always was thought to stay near the Ba.


Akhu (Akh, Khu, Ikhu) - This was the immortal part, the radiant and shining being that lived on in the Sahu, the intellect, will and intentions of the deceased that transfigured death and ascended to the heavens to live with the gods or the imperishable stars. The Akhu came in to being after the deceased passed judgement after death, and the Ka and Ba united.

Sahu - The incorruptible spiritual body of man that could dwell in the heavens, appearing from the physical body after the judgement of the dead was passed (if successful) with all of the mental and spiritual abilities of a living body.

Sekhem - This was the incorporeal personification of the life force of man, which lived in heaven with the Akhu, after death.


Yb (Ib, Ab) - The heart, this was the source of good and evil within a person, the moral awareness and centre of thought that could leave the body at will, and live with the gods after death, or be eaten by Ammut as the final death if it failed to weigh equally against Ma'at.



Ren - The true name, a vital part to man on his journey through life and the afterlife, a magical part that could destroy a man if his name was obliterated or could give power of the man if someone knew his Ren - naming ceremonies in Egypt were secret, and a child lived his whole life with a nickname to avoid anyone from learning his true name!


The multiplicity of Egyptian thought is so different from the traditional, Christian view of western thought that it can be hard to imagine.


The dead man is at one and the same time in heaven, in the god's boat [Re, the sun-god's, celestial barge], under the earth, tilling the Elysian fields, and in his tomb enjoying his victuals.


-- Lionel Casson, Ancient Egypt


In Egypt one person could have multiple afterlives - each different part of the person would be able to have its own existence after death, if they survived the trials of the underworld and the Osirian judgement of the dead with all of their magic spells. It was then that the Ka and Ba - which until then had lead seperate existances - joined to become the Akhu.


While the Khat lies in the tomb, ready to be animated, the Akhu might be travelling the underworld with Ra. While the Yb is with the gods, the Khaibit might be on the solar barque, or in the tomb eating some offerings. At the same time, the Sekhem might be contentedly living in the stars, looking down at the earth.


An interesting point to note is that the Egyptians believed that animals, plants, water and even stones had their own Ka. A human's Ka could move around while a person slept, and even inhabit a plant if the Ka so desired, rather than the human. The Ka could manifest itself, as a ghost, to others, both when the person it was 'born' with was dead or a live. It was even thought to haunt those who did wrong to it - if family failed to make proper offerings, the starving and thirsty Ka would haunt them until they corrected this error!


The Egyptians mummified their bodies because their physical form was an integral part to their afterlife. Being such a practical people, liking what they could see and touch, an existence without a physical body was unacceptable to them. Even the destruction of the heart (the spiritual Yb rather than the physical heart) would mean the death of all of the other parts of the being, but it meant that the physical heart was preserved along with the physical body. Other rituals point to the importance of the physical body after death - the Opening of the Mouth ceremony allowed the body to breath, while other rituals were performed on the corpse to allow the deceased to see and hear in the Land of the West.


Death was a complex affair. Originally this was only for the pharaoh, but the rich soon believed that they could take part in the afterlife, and eventually the poor believed they could join the ranks of the blessed dead. Other reasons for the complexity of life after death came from the Egyptian way of clinging to ideas, rather than discarding them when new ideas came along. The intermingling of peoples, the different religious ideas and cults all were incorporated into the Egyptian belief system, giving rise to this elaborate belief system.


From the monuments and papyrus scrolls and tombs left today, it's no wonder that Egyptians were thought to have focused their lives around death! But the Egyptians, like any other people, enjoyed life, and did not look forward to death. They followed the maxim "live life not that thou shalt die" - partying and generally trying to enjoy life. But death, to the Egyptians, was a somewhat better version of their current life. They would eat, drink and share good companionship in the stars or in the Land of the West. They would have servants to do their chores for them. Life, after death, would be ideal.


The only problem was that there was no guarantee that they would actually get to the afterlife, and there was always the threat of their names, physical bodies or images being destroyed, killing their multiple parts in the process. Spells, prayers, tomb paintings and statues could help, but if everything was obliterated, then they died, too.


Personal Entry

Made en-route to Mars


It has been some time since I made a personal entry in this journal. I have been preoccupied with fact and research to maintain my day to day, week to week comments.


The whole issue of the bioroid process should be made clear here. Hermetek and the CTSA maintain some secrets and industry confidentialities that are not usually available to the general public. As I feel I am suitably ostracised from my parent organisation, I can probably feel safe (safe being an objective term) in committing this information to paper in the event of my demise.


The process as it stands, as it states in all of the brochures and literature pertaining to the life extension process, is as follows:


1)       A candidate applies for life extension. The candidate is evaluated for physical and mental suitability and their value to Genkind.

2)       Following their acceptance, a DNA sample is taken of the life extension candidate. A bioroid candidate child is gestated and born. Full natural selection is allowed. The child is not a clone.

3)       The child is ‘adopted’ by the foster family. The child is raised normally, but is also kept fully aware of it’s “donor”, it’s purpose, and how important they are to the purpose and the future of Genkind.

4)       The child and the life extension candidate go through years of bonding and training as well as and deep-sleep programs involving sandman co-existence, readying the mind of the child for the transfer.

5)       Both subjects are placed in purpose-built sandman units, and the transfer takes place.

6)       The original subject dies.


This is conventional wisdom on the subject. My own perspective on the process is as follows. The points above are accurate. The subject must be present at the time of the brain-mapping due to the fragile nature of the data involved in the transfer. Hermetek experimented with remote transfer and storage of this data with marginal success. This process was eventually banned by the CTSA on the grounds that it fitted the category of AI manufacture.


The fact that the donor dies at the end of the Bioroid process is a myth perpetuated by Hermetek and the CTSA. A potential life-extension candidate could, theoretically brainmap it’s bioroid child and walk away. The measures that the CTSA took to prevent this were that once the braoinmapping took place, the candidate’s identity became void, having been transferred to the bioroid. The candidate was euthenised as a result of thie process, the bioroid then assuming their life, identity and purpose within Genkind.


Hermetek maintain that the subject dies at the end of the process. This is not the case. A subject could theoretically, have hundreds of copies of themselves wandering around at any one time. There could be more of me out there.


During my time at Hermetek, I believed that the Bioroid programme was good and right. I know that this is not the case. The children used in the process are brainwashed into believing that they are doing good for Genkind in their sacrifice. They are no better than lab rats, used and abused by the so-called idyllic society that we were once a part of.


As a result of this process, I believe that my various psychoses speak volumes against the use of the bioroid process. How many others out there, aside from Morgan, had the resources and the power to abuse this facility ?. For all I can guess, there are clones of the fathers of our society out there ready to take the places of their predecessors. I could carry on with this thread, becoming ever more paranoid but I trust that anyone in a position to read this may be aware enough to reach their own conclusions as to the possibilities herein.


I was Plan B. A second choice in the crazy mixed up world of Hilary Morgan. In my mind, I was Henry Danté Jr, son of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Danté. Loving fiancée to Lucy-Jane Irwin. In reality, I am Godfrey Irwin. Purpose bred son of Godfrey and Alice Irwin, brother to Lucy-Jane Irwin.


The story goes thus. Hilary Morgan’s brain is turning to mush at the hands of the dinoflaggelent ooze running rampant throughout his body. With the help of his over-zealous followers in the shape of the Danté family and the Irwin family, comes up with a plan for an illegal life-extension program following his request to Hermetek for life extension being refused. The Danté family adopt a young son – all above board to ensure no suspicion from the CTSA. Perfect for the process, if a little un-prepared. When young Henry comes of age, leaving his teens and entering manhood, Hilary Morgan is brainmapped onto the willing young man. Breaking with the normal conventions entailed in the process, Morgan than goes off to Luna to complete his life’s work in a big Tachyon abuse scenario. In the mean time, young Henry continues to adapt to his new, albeit sheltered, life in the company of his two families, and in particular, Lucy-Jane, whom he has taken more than a shine to.


I remember very little of my time preparing for the process. In an ideal world (you know, the one we all thought that we were living in), I would have spent a great deal of time in the company of Hilary Morgan. Maybe I did and the LE process has ruined my long term memory (possible), or maybe I didn’t spend time with the selfish bastard who was too busy with his important work to ensure a safe and stable bioroid transfer (apologies for the Oedipal overtone there).


All was going as well as could be expected until that fateful day when the news comes in that Ptolemy Station had been destroyed by a huge explosion. Not being a psychiatrist, I cannot say whether it was the fact that my purpose in life, my mentor, surrogate father etc.. had been killed threw young Henry over the edge, or whether the inner Hilary lost it knowing that he had just died and/or failed – I cannot say. The only thing for certain is that Henry Danté Jr had somewhat of a schitsoid embolism and proceeds to sink into the depths of severe mental issues.


At this point, the two families begin to see their meal ticket go down the waste disposal unit. A back up plan is rushed into operation with less thought, compassion and clinical care than the previous one. This is where my memory fails and I can do little more than speculate as to what occurred. Another young adult was involved and the Henry/Hilary amalgam was brainmapped. This new factor may have been a clone of Morgan, of Henry, or of any number of other unwilling subjects. I remember the name Godfey Irwin, but this could have just as well been a given name to a clone or adopted child for all I know.


Needless to say, this was no science’s finest hour and the whole thing was only a marginal success. Henry Jr was, no doubt, successfully euthenised and the new Henry re-introduced into society as though nothing had happened. Back to the arms of Lucy-Jane, back to the family dinners and social events – whatever – I don’t know. One thing that does still stick out is something called ‘Inferno’. On this, I can comment no further, needless to say, it is not a common occurrence in the bioroid process.


What I can say for definite is that I identified with the Henry Danté Jr identity and not the morgan or Irwin one. Again, why this is, I don’t know.


The rest is history. Genetic science. Hermetek. DSAB. Global conspiracy.


I am attempting to look at this all with as much objectivity and rational as is physically possible. If I had less of a hard science background I may have gone insane with what amounts to mental abuse and incest in my past life.


I wonder how Lucy-Jane is doing. Perhaps I should contact her. Forgive her. Tell her it’s okay.


Even if it isn’t.


I am glad that I don’t have the time to dwell on what I have learnt. It already sickens me to my stomach.


I cannot decide what to do when I reach Mars. At the behest of Dr Delaney and Commander Newchurch I have been busy preparing a multitude of ABE strains for the people surrounding me, mainly for increased healing in the event of injury. Newchurch has also been involved in a program to enhance the ABE’s already in his system.


The treatment – weapon – that I have been working on to reverse the effects of the MEDEA process is advancing slowly with marginal success. I have my doubts that it will be ready in time.

The other thing that sits in my mind is the opening of the seventh seal. It heralds the end of the world according to Morgan. I invest no more than morbid curiosity at this point.  I am eager to see what is on Mars.




Once again, we enter the realms of the supernatural. Or perhaps, just people’s subconscious concerns invading their sleep:



I dreamt last night . . .
That "Heaven's gate" had been mistranslated.  It is in fact the Gateway to Eden.  This was told to me by a big head.
The earth is dying, genkind will die unless they move on.  We need to leave the earth to the AI's, as they do not need it to sustain them, just as somewhere to live.  Genkind needs to go to the Garden, through the gate.  Gaia awaits us there.
And I am, apparently, destined to die very soon.



In an art meets life and dreams get confused with reality, Castor Williams arrived at my house whilst I was finishing my marking and tried to arrest me for a crime of passion (he was unspecific as to what sort of "crime of passion" it was). When I pointed out that a. I was marking, and b. Kit is 100 and probably incapable of crimes of passions (except, err... with Fletch, who doesn't count), he recanted and gave me an artificial bunch of red flowers.

Unfortunately the dream ended with Castor repeatedly ringing my doorbell in an attempt to get back in (a time jump - I don't remmeber him leaving in the first place) to the house. This meant that the dream ended with another common one recently, the "the doorbell just rang and we're about to be burgled" dream.


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