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Weapon Damage

Descent is a combat-heavy system. Although there are only a few basic calls that can be made in the course of combat, some people like to talk about guns a lot. This bit is for them.



Handgun or SMG (9mm;.40S&W;.45acp etc..) Single
.44 Magnum or Rifle (5.56mm;7.62mm etc..) Double
Heavy Rifle (.50 BMG etc..) Triple
Rifle Butt or Club Double Bosh
Knife/Dagger Single
Sword or Axe Double
Chainsaw Triple

Explosives Damage

In the course of your day as a super-spy or government special operator, things will explode. This is what the implications are for you.



High Explosive (HE) Grenade 12 'bosh' damage within 3 paces, for each subsequent 3 paces the damage is reduced by 50% (rounded down).
Fragmentation (Frag) Grenade As HE but lethal damage instead of 'bosh' damage.
Incendiary Grenade 6 bosh damage within 3 paces, as HE. Add to this the ignobility of being on fire.
Thunderflash/Flash-Bang Grenade 4 bosh damage exactly as HE, then a further effect of stunning everybody within 10 paces, who loll helplessly for 15 seconds.
Propane Barrels/Gas Main Pipe 16 bosh damage exactly as HE, with the added bonus of being on fire.
C4/PE4 High Explosive, one-kilo charge 24 'bosh' damage within 5 paces, for each subsequent 5 paces the damage is reduced by 50% (rounded down).
Car Fuel Tank If you are in the car, 12 damage and on fire. Otherwise, treat as an HE grenade.
Claymore Mine This one does 16 damage like a frag grenade, but dropping only every 5 paces in front of the mine. It does boshes in other directions, dropping every 2 paces.
50 kilotonne Tactical Nuclear Device You have to ask ?.
Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) 48 bosh damage directly to the target. Treat as a HE grenade to bystanders.

Unarmed Combat

You have been captured by a minion of an evil vampire overlord. You have managed to pick the locks on your shackles, but you are unarmed. As the goons come into your cell, gloating over your impending torture and beating. See their faces as you pull your hands free and kick all of their arses. You know Kung Fu.

Skill Level


Fu - Unskilled Single Bosh
Fu - Basic Double Bosh
Fu - Advanced Single
Fu - Ninja Master Single Through or Triple Bosh
Fu - Supernatural Shred

Unarmed Combat - Dirty Tricks

Silent tactics are often required. The ability to take out that guard in his tower without him raising the alarm could be paramount to you succeeding in your mission. You are have studied the martial arts, donned your ninja costume and pulled out your cheeswire garotte...

Skill Level


Kick-Murder - Unskilled Sorry, no bonuses here.
Kick-Murder - Basic Stealth Kill - if you can sneak up on ‘em, touch their shoulders next to the neck with both hands to inflict fatal damage. Snap. This will not work on people in full armour unless you have a knife, and it won’t work on entities with superhuman resistance to damage either.
Kick-Murder - Advanced Super Stealth Kill - just like stealth kill, but the advantage here is that you can murder absolutely anybody, regardless of their personal skills, as long as you are not seen.

Firearm Skills

From the day you are handed your first SA-80 in the Light-Infantry to the time that you get your hands on a SOCOM rated weapon, you are gonna need to be able to hit a target...

Skill Level


Guns - Unskilled Well, we are crap. Call ‘miss’ unless you are within about 5 paces.
Guns - Basic Default ‘trained’ skill level, you can hit targets you can see within about 20 paces as a rule. Targets in cover will have extra ‘armour’ to make up for it. You may fire every 3 seconds, any faster and excess shots must be called as ‘miss’.
Guns - Advanced As Basic level, but not limited to 20 paces. Also includes general maintainence of firearms, and so on.
Guns - Expert You may now select a special firearms skill, as listed below:


If you are a fair distance from your victim and have a sniper rifle, you can call in sniper fire. You will need a ref, and probably a radio. Sniper shots are considered to have penetrated armour and hit a vital spot. Usually, this means immediate death for the victim.


You pride yourself on the ability to repeatedly shoot people with impunity, barely waiting for the shells to hit the floor. You may take shots at you leisure, rather than waiting for 3 seconds between them.


You may freely wield two handguns with impunity, simply calling Double instead of Single. Sweet. (Two .44 guns only if Grit = Superhuman, then you may call Triples !) Alternatively, you can call Singles, but call more frequently (every other second rather than every three seconds).


You can select a precise target for your shot, thus calling a location, such as ‘rifle’, ‘arm’ or ‘head’ (and let’s face it, we’re going to hear that a lot aren’t we?). Oh, and ‘petrol tank’... heh heh heh.
Guns - Chow Yun Fat Just like Advanced, but you may select two special firearms skills.

Uncrontrolled and Indiscriminate Fire

Charlie's in the light and he's got you pinned down. There's a sniper in a derelict building, what are you gonna do ?. That's right, open up with your M249. Belt-fed mayhem ahoy, pretty soon, the enemy are gonna be eating your hot steel and crying out - AAiieeeee.

Skill Level


Unskilled Shout ‘indiscriminate autofire’, panic and then drop the gun. Remember to call damage, because anyone right in front of you may decide to take a bullet.
SMG Autofire An SMG autofire attack does a Single Autofire to one target. Basically, if there are a group standing close together or in a hallway, they ALL take a hit. The victim gets the call, but play well or you will be discarded as detritus.
Rifle Autofire Rifle autofire does a Double Autofire to a single target, much like an SMG. Continual use of autofire will cause the barrel damage.
Machine-Gun Autofire Assuming it is supported by a stand or bipod, a machine-gun will do a Double Autofire to two targets... just call both names and your Double Autofire. Yuck.
Machine-Gun Artillery 50 BMG machine-guns and friends will do a Treble Autofire to two victims. Where do I sign?

Hard As Nails

You are one of life's tough survivors. You went through the Parachute Regiments P-Company training with a tough snarl on your face. The SeAL's don't know what manly is, and you have a collection of your dead comrade's dog tags.

Bosh wounds recover by themselves, at the rate of half your hit points every hour you don’t get into close combat or get hurt. Round down.

Skill Level

Hit Points

Grit - Child 2 Hit Points; cries when taking 'bosh' damage
Grit - Unskilled 3 Hit Points
Grit - Basic 4 Hit Points
Grit - Advanced 5 hit points, and can ignore 1 bosh attacks.
Grit - Superhuman 6 hit points, and can ignore both 1 bosh attacks and being knocked over by Singles from guns.

Specialist Munitions

There's no such thing as a standerd bullet. In you time with D18 you will be shot at with most of these. Get used to it.


Additional Effect

Armour-Piercing (AP) Damage call becomes Through. This does, however, cause less tissue damage. One less point should be called, if this would be ‘zero’ then call Single Through.
Full Metal Jacket Absolutely no special rules.
Round nosed lead, heavy jacketed softpoint, target wadcutter No damage difference, but will not penetrate metal plate or walls for game purposes.
Light jacketed softpoint, semiwadcutter, hollow wadcutter, Heavy jacketed hollow point, tumbler, copper jacketed hollow point, jacketed hydra-shock or light jacketed hollow point. Will totally fail to penetrate armour, but on unarmoured targets will cause nasty wounds. The damage call becomes Shock. Impact is still enough to floor the shot victim.
Mercury, copper wire, or similar custom rounds. Either as AP or as Tumblers, as appropriate. So-called HEAP type rounds act as Target Wadcutters, but will rupture walls or metal (but not retain lethal force).
Shotgun Buckshot A shotgun attack is treated as an area effect. Anyone next to the target may be hit also, at their discretion. Within 5 paces the damage taken is Double, otherwise it is Single. If both barrels are fired, call Double Shotgun, in effect double the damage (ouch).
Shotgun Armour Piercing Flechette Single Through at 40 paces.
Shotgun Incendiary Gel Single burn at 40 paces
Shotgun Solid-Slug/Door-Opener Double Shock at 5 paces only. Single Bosh otherwise. Useless against armour.
40mm M203 Canister Shot Round A Double shotgun attack.

Armour and Cover

The best way of avoiding gunfire is to be behind something solid, or at least to be wearing something bullet proof.

Armour/Cover Rating


Bullet Vest A typical bullet vest will stop 2 points of damage before being knackered. It will also negate two boshes without depleting.
Hard Armour Big and scary, absorbs 4 hits and stops quad boshes. Will also stop an Instant Kill or Shred attack, being destroyed and sending you reeling to the floor, unconscious.
Hard Cover If you use cover, you can assume one attack will hit it. That is one, per fight, only. Not one per bad guy. Be sensible. Cover must be at least 50%. It doesn’t help against called shots like ‘head’. If your cover is excellent, like an arrow slit, you may ignore two shots, even called ones. Abuse of this rule will cause sudden death.
Cars Being in a car gives you 2 points of armour and negates boshes. Enjoy. And hope it doesn’t blow up.
Human Shield It’s bound to happen. You can assume that one attack goes through your shield, which soaks 2 points up. Not for called shots like ‘head’ though.

Explosives & Demolitions

You've seen The Guns of Navarone. You know what explosives are.

Skill Rating


Explosives - Layman If you mess about with a bomb, you may rest assured it will either go off in your face or fail to work (if you wanted it to go off). Just don’t.
Explosives - Unskilled You have no idea about explosives, but you might cut the right wire. You may also set mines or pre-made explosives if you were shown how to by someone with Basic skill.
Explosives - Basic You can prepare any explosive like mines or PE4, and detonate via any method. You can disarm explosives set by someone else. You can also shape charges to do double damage in one direction and half elsewhere.
Explosives - Advanced You can make your own explosives from bits of chewing gum, and can also rig nasty double-triggers that blow up would-be meddlers who only have Basic skill. Your shaped charges do treble damage to the target and quarter anywhere else. Damn, you’re good.

Security Technology

Having breached the outer security of the underground facility, you encounter a door with a cardlock. You have no security card and the information you need to save the world is behind that door. Time to get your leatherman out...

Skill Rating


Security - Unskilled Well, I guess you’re stumped.
Security - Basic You can defeat simple locks and isolate typical alarm circuits, and can carry out bug sweeps given 15 minutes for an area 3 paces across. You can set up simple security systems, given time and equipment.
Security - Advanced You can overcome almost any security system and can make a room ‘clean’ in about 30 minutes. You can conduct traces and can search an object like a car or briefcase in about 5 minutes, for bugs or explosives. You can set up a sophisticated alarm system of your own, as well.


Oh dear. During your HALO parachute insertion, your radio took a bullet (saving your life in the process). You have no way of calling in an evac, unless....

Skill Rating


Tech - Unskilled You may operate a toaster.
Tech - Basic You can repair damage to machines and build devices from appropriate materials. You can also engineer simple structures or machines, or kit build a car. Maybe you can even program a VCR (but don’t count on it).
Tech - Advanced You can jury rig machines out of scavenged materials, and sometimes fix machines that have been shot/ blown up. You can build impressive technical devices, and comprehend microelectronics without hurting your brain. Even programming a VCR presents no problem to you.

Medical Technology

'MEDIC'. Get used to this call !.

Taking wounds - If you are hit by a ballistic weapon, it is appropriate to collapse, stunned for several seconds. You may then start acting normally, unless you are on zero hits (or worse).

Excess 'Bosh' wounds - Boshes that exceed your hit points do additional lethal wounds. If you are unconscious and someone seriously kicks you in, shouting ‘Bosh’ all over the place, start taking lethal damage after a slow count of 5 if the beating continues. Beaten to death... how unpleasant.

Skill Rating


Medicine - Unskilled You'll only make it worse.
Medicine - Basic With a first aid kit, you can cure 1 bosh per person, per day.
Medicine - Paramedic You have 5 medic factors to use each day.
Medicine - Trauma Specialist You have 10 medic factors each day. You also may have one speciality.


I ain't got time to bleed.

Damage Type


Bosh damage For each healing factor you spend, you may heal 2 boshes of damage on a subject. If you are a specialist in this field, you may heal 4 boshes per factor spent.
Through damage For each healing factor you spend, you may heal one damage point. If you are a specialist you may heal 2 points per factor.
Standard damage For each two healing factors you expend, you may heal one damage point. If you are a specialist, you may heal one damage point per factor.
Shock Damage For each three factors, you heal one damage, Specialists pay 2 factors for one damage.
Burn Damage Four factors for one damage, specialists may spend 3 factors for one damage.
Shred Damage Only if the subject has lost a limb to shred damage and you are on hand within 60 seconds, and you have perfluro-4-methyl-octahydroquinalidine blood substitute on hand. Essentially, five healing factors reduces that damage to 0 hit points on the torso. No specialisation available.
Single subjects.. If you wish to cure multiple damage points on the same subject, the cost in healing factors is doubled for the second cost, trebled for the third and so on. Thus, to cure three standard damage points would cost 12 factors. This is why you have so many interesting drugs at your disposal.
Expending and recovering medical factors.. It takes 5 minutes per factor expended to treat wounds. This time is doubled for shock or burn wounds or shredded limbs.Factors are recovered slowly, if the event is over several days then each 8 hours is a good rule of thumb.

Drugs and Narcotics

From stimulants and pain killers to tranquilisers, some time soon, you're going to need one or the other. Better familiarise yourself.



Hyperamphetamine This is an advanced combat drug designed to make soldiers into machines of pure violence. It was trialed during the BP South American crisis. Being relatively sane, D18 would never use this drug on anyone. If someone took some, they would effectively gain a level of Grit, and also become berserk killing machines. This drug lasts about one hour. Tolerance (2)
Hyperoxychopelarine A specialist drug designed to be used with Hyperamphetamine. This effectively neutralises the killing rage that accompanies the former drug, and also hardens the body against injury. The combined drug reduces the current injury level of the subject by one point. Tolerance (2)
Monamine Oxidase This interesting cocktail causes rapid oxidation of the adrenaline in the body, rendering it inert. This leaves the subject in an apathetic, listless state. This drug can be used to transport difficult prisoners without rendering them unconscious. It takes about thirty seconds to kick in, and lasts for about two hours. If taken more than once in a three hour period, unconsciousness usually results.
Meta-interferon Protein A specialised protein designed to combat a specific viral infection, there are many different variations on this drug. If the correct type is administered, it will destroy the right virus within the hour. No variation has yet been discovered that will counteract AIDS. Minimum Medicine level is Trauma Specialist.
Perfluro-4-methyl-octahydroquinalidine A blood substitute based on oxygenated fluorocarbons (embolisms being prevented by emulsifying the solution with 3/4 perflurodecalin and 1/4 perfluropropylamine). This life saving fluid allows a medic with Trauma Specialist level skill to further stabilise wounds, reducing injury level by one point. This benefit is usable once every 3 weeks, in order to avoid death by “bubble embolism” due to residual fluorocarbons in the liver and spleen not having had time to deteriorate. Use up one litre per damage point your patient has suffered.
Cortiotrophin Also referred to as adrenocortiotrophic hormone, is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the frontal lobes of the pituitary gland. This chemical triggers the release of adrenaline and corticosteroids (which govern the body’s use of carbohydrates). A shot of this drug will essentially banish fatigue and increase reflexes of the subject. Medically, it also means that the subject can disregard single bosh attacks for the next 30 minutes. At the end of the 30 minutes, the subject takes a single bosh for each dose taken. Tolerance (3)
Paracetamol A painkiller, paracetamol is very effective to use on subjects who wish to remain active. In solution form, paracetamol works within minutes and lasts for 3-4 hours. Subjects are able to continue operating with minor injuries unhindered.
Tolerance... Those drugs with tolerance listed next to them are to be used sparingly. At the stated number of doses, the subject becomes more tolerant of the drug, and in future an additional dose is needed for full effect. Thus, after a third dose of cortiotrophin, two doses are needed for the same effect. After the sixth dose, this becomes three needed, and so on. Note that the additional doses needed due to tolerance do not count towards an increase in tolerance... that is, in the example above the subject would have actually injected 9 doses to reach ‘3 doses needed’ tolerance level.

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