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Ministry of Defence D18 - Memorial Administration (Archives)

By now, all of you are aware of the nature of the enemy this organisation was created to fight. Be advised that these creatures represent a very real danger to the welfare of the human race, and as such you are to consider yourselves to be at war. This war will be conducted covertly because of the widespread panic that would result from an information leak. This document outlines your directives.

General Sir Graham Hammond, GBE, QGM

1. Wipe out all vampiric activity in the UK. We will use any and all means up to and including covert military action to curtail the predations of the vampires.

2. Collect information on the nature of the vampires, and determine the best method of fighting them.

3. Protect human life from vampire predation. Each life claimed by a vampire is a black mark on the records of this organisation.

4. Conceal the existence of this organisation and the vampire menace from the public in the interests of national order.


Field agents are authorised to use deadly force in their investigations of vampires, and required to gather intelligence and combat the enemy.

Field teams are as follows:

Alpha - police work, legal issues, and political operations.

Bravo - foreign investigations and liaison.

Charlie - surveillance and long-term subterfuge operations.

Delta - special forces for assault operations.

Echo - non-specialist versatile operations.

Foxtrot - non-specialist versatile operations.


Analysis section is charged with the responsibility of analysing intelligence gathered by field, liaison with other teams, and research.

Analysis teams are as follows:

November - occult studies, literature, and philosophy.

Oscar - pathology, medicine, mathematics and sciences.

Quebec - political history, psychology, economics and arts.

Romeo - engineering, technical, and weapons design.


Blanket operatives are called upon to cover the tracks of Field agents and erase the evidence of vampiric activities, debrief witnesses and alter records.

Blanket teams are as follows:

Sierra - UK civilian operations.

Tango - Military and foreign operations.


The command team consists of the overall group commanders. It makes all executive decisions for the organisation. it is referred to as team Zulu.

The Law

All teams have the authority to disregard local law when they feel the need. To date, this organisation has been responsible for the accidental execution of several non-vampires. This is highly unfortunate, and the team members were reprimanded where appropriate. Operatives are subject to military law rather than civil law, and operatives who kill in the line of duty will not be held responsible unless in defiance of orders.

Corrupt or deviant operatives will not be prosecuted.

They will be shot.

This organisation is not interested in maintaining public relations or human rights.

Categories of Intelligence

For reference purposes, intelligence is gathered into three groups.

1. Documented factual information from a reliable source.

2. Conclusions of Analysis team research which is thought to be accurate, and unsubstantiated reports from Field agents.

3. Speculative information and unreliable intelligence.

Information Regarding Vampires

Category One

Physical Appearance - the vampire develops a darkened patch of flesh about the eyes and sometimes the mouth. Nails become harder and less brittle. The voice is often rasping or cracked.

Attributes - the vampire becomes incredibly strong, they can easily dismember a human and are capable of rolling over a car individually. They are very resistant to pain and tissue damage, sometimes surviving repeated small arms fire.

Legends - the vampire experiences pain in sunlight. They can be destroyed by ordinary small arms fire, although they take far more punishment than a human being should. They have excellent night vision. They have some means of transferring their condition. They retain a reflection and can be caught on film or photographed.

Category Two

They do not react to religious trappings. They burn away suddenly in sunlight. They may exert some kind of hypnotic influence over humans if in close proximity for up to an hour. They are utterly without compassion or mercy and cannot be reasoned with.

Category Three

They do not enter hallowed places such as churches. They may be able to ignite their own bodies or the bodies of others as a weapon. They experience pain if immersed in water. They dislike their own reflection. They have extremely acute hearing, including ultrasonic and subsonic sounds. They may be able to become invisible for short periods. They are vulnerable to silver.

Guide to the UK

Executive Power

The United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland is governed by a public government elected by means of non-representational democracy. There are two significant political parties in the running for government, the current vote rests with the Britannia party. Both parties would be considered rather right-wing in approach.

Britannia Party - the Britannia party is renowned for sweeping social generalisations, using scapegoats to conceal the real issues, pointing fingers, and generally making lots of money out of the working classes and spoon-feeding it to the middle classes. They support the voices of moral indignation (particularly when directed against a potential rival) and use the press and public announcements to great effect. They will frequently initiate crusades against some terrible injustice in order to quickly smooth over one of their many scandalous indiscretions, or to try and get some outrageous bill that crushes human rights passed.

On the plus side, they do not endorse violence, racism, sexism, or religious intolerance. They are internationally better connected, and have made good trade deals for the country. They have also managed to keep the reigns of power out of the hands of the Empire party, which cannot be a bad thing.

Empire Party - the Empire party is renowned for nationalist propaganda, independently wealthy MP’s, callous treatment of minorities (like single parents, black people, people who disagree with the Empire Party), and fostering animosity against ‘Johnny Foreigner’. They launch period propaganda campaigns appealing to the sense of ‘loyalty’ to the country and so on. Very much ‘pack instinct’ type stuff. Apart for rabble-rousing against foreigners, gypsies, hippies, social workers, drop-outs and racial minorities, they also are quick to praise various bodies of authority (police, military, etc). I haven’t used the word Nazi, because the Empire party would be insulted to be considered to have anything to do with ‘losers’, particularly foreign losers.

On the plus side, they are far more inclined to increase internal spending on industry like steel and shipbuilding, and are very much in favour of maintaining social order, and providing excellent schooling for children.

The Other Parties - there are some other parties, but they offer no significant resistance to Britannia and Empire. Such parties as the Nature party, the Socialist party, and the Monarchist party all exist. Some people vote for them. Not many.

Current Political Environment

The reigning Britannia party does so only marginally. They are really struggling with a few issues which the Empire party is touting, particularly law enforcement and international affairs.

The law enforcement issue is a problem for the Britannia party because they are corrupt, and their rich sponsors don’t want them busting their own sordid little nests of vice. The Empire party is of course pushing for broader police powers and crackdowns on corruption, and is getting sympathy.

Internationally, there is resentment against other European powers for both historical and real reasons. Particular resentment is held against the French due to the Belgium crisis, and the Empire party are milking this, saying that ‘we should teach the Frogs a lesson’.

Life in the United Kingdom

Mundane, really. People go shopping in supermarkets, have credit cards, etceteras. Very much the world as we know it, with a few unpleasant changes. These changes largely revolve around the political and legal rights of the masses. There is a whole new Ministry which deals with police and social control. This is the Ministry of National Order. This Ministry effectively maintains the police state. Police are universally armed with pistols, and may carry shotguns in their cars. There are curfews in certain areas after a certain time of night (midnight, typically) which can only be violated with an authorisation card, otherwise it’s a night in the cells for the offender. There is a new purpose-built prison fortress on the Isle of Wight, which has lost most of it’s tourist attractions due to a horrific accident involving some toxic chemicals killed off 120 people in 1989, and turned all the water yellow. This prison holds many serious or repeat offenders, and also allegedly contains political prisoners.

Incidentally, if you are a transient (homeless, gypsy, new age traveller, etc), your lot is much worse. The police typically raid your caravan once per week, and any resistance means you get arrested. Some people have been shot in ‘self-defence’ by over-zealous police. If the Empire party ever get into power, you might also want to consider leaving the country quickly, as concentration camps were actually a British invention (Boer War).

And don’t mess with any non-British citizens. The chances are it will go badly for you if you mess around with tourists, as the Britannia party is very conscious of the revenue they generate and the benevolence of other nations. If the Empire party ever get in, you will probably find tourism dries up very quickly.

The Ministry

The Ministry of National Order was formed of various other Government bodies and several departments within the Military. It is broken up into various departments. They are:

Domestic Intelligence Section - the agents of the DIS are roughly similar to the FBI or NSA of the United States. They tend to deal with big, important criminal investigations and also broad policies that affect society.

Domestic Security Police - the DSP is the broad umbrella group that includes the various constabularies around the country and the Metropolitan police. All ‘normal’ police operations come under DSP.

Special Operations 1 - the SO1 group is heavily armed ,and is trained by the SAS is hostage rescue and combat. They also act as bodyguards for important people and assist DSP where needed.

Special Operations 2 - there is no polite way to put this. Kick murder squads, basically. They do the really nasty work of the Government internally. They shoot terrorists (some speculate that they shoot ‘suspected’ terrorists), take a proactive role in fighting armed criminals, and despatch undesirables. DIS rely on their expertise whenever the objective of the operation is not to capture the criminals, but to destroy them.

Special Operations 3 - based in Ireland, this is an anti-terrorist unit combining the roles of something like the CIA and SO2, above.

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